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After a wild, sun-filled and I hope happy Father's Day for you, it was back to the show for the weekday crew of "FOX & Friends."

First things first: Mike Nifong, the former Durham prosecutor, was disbarred for an incredible ethics violation. Now he's lost his $110,000/year job and I assume his pension and in turn his retirement.

The more I read about this case, the more I think Nifong was drunk with the fame and unwilling to prepare and research the case. He was known as a lazy, ornery guy and he came off exactly like that. He ruined 15 months of those families' lives and not just the three accused players, but the entire team. The one hurt most in the short term is former coach Mike Pressler, who now sits in tiny Bryant University. To his credit, he says he won't leave that job until his five-year contract is up and I believe him. I met him and would have killed to have played any sport for this guy. He is such a natural passionate leader and I urge you to pick up the book, "It's Not About the Truth" and read his address to his team after he learned he was fired. You will make sure your kid plays sports after you see how this team stuck together and how you just know will always be together. For me, it's the best part of sport itself — not the game — but the people you meet that matter most, but I digress.

Also, in the show the fear that Jack Daniels distillers were running out of their special water was assuaged from a high-ranking "Jack" official. No reason to start rationing… just yet. I am surprised that they could have a shortage and still sell the flavor to Fridays for their Chicken and Fish!

On a serious note, the images of masked Hamas terrorists looting offices and claiming a piece of land (the Gaza Strip) as their own was indeed sobering. Could we be looking at another summer war?

Thanks so much to all at Leavenworth last week and everyone that came to the book signings in Kansas. I now look forward to seeing the good people of Florida beginning in Tampa on Thursday, Jacksonville on Friday and Orlando on Saturday. If you'd like me to personalize your copy of "It's How You Play the Game," just go to and follow the prompts.


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