Friday Finals: Week's Winners and Losers

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At the end of the week it's the "Big Story" Friday Finals, our best guess as to the winners and losers this week, and why. First the winners:

Reade Seligmann has to be the biggest winner. He finally got to rub it in. He got to skewer Nifong and the Duke lefties and the Durham racists. He must feel like a winner today.

The Clintons are big winners. Their estimated worth has ballooned up to $50 million. It's about a quarter of Al Gore's wealth, but he's hooked with Google, so it figures.

The Obama "Crush" team are huge winners. This video got an enormous pop on the Internet. Let's see if it survives to next week, but even if it doesn't it was cute while it lasted.

And David Hasselhoff is a winner against all odds. It was only a few weeks ago he was a loser for that video of him dead drunk. Now a judge has given him custody of his kids.

As for the losers:

Nifong, Nifong, Nifong. That goes without saying.

Judge Pearson is a big loser. All that nutso stuff about $50 million pants, and he loses his job over this? The guy needs professional help.

Paris, poor Paris. First she was getting a pass from the law. Now she's getting extra punishment just because she is who she is. This is bad when even I'm sympathetic.

Dan Rather. Geez Louise, Dan. Picking on Katie is a terrible idea. I know you were after her boss, but it came out bad.

And weirdly, David Chase, "The Sopranos" creator, was a loser. He couldn't catch a break on the ending of the show. Too many people were not satisfied, felt they didn't get any ending. Do you think they'll boycott the movie? Probably not.

And that is the Friday Finals' winners and losers. Have a great weekend.

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