Donald Trump to Transform Party Girls Into Ladies in 'Lady or a Tramp'

Donald Trump is not waiting long to get back on TV.

Trump, whose "Apprentice" series was dropped from NBC's fall schedule, is set to make a comeback in a show that is right out of today's headlines.

The master builder will attempt to transform a bevy of wild party girls — think Paris, Lindsay and Britney — into refined society ladies in "Lady or a Tramp," a new show for Fox.

It's a far cry from the boardroom he occupied on "The Apprentice."

On the show, rowdy female club-hoppers and their ilk will be sent to a charm school to undergo rigorous etiquette training.

They'll go through the usual reality-show challenges — learning to host teas, do needlepoint, etc. But each week, one of them will be tossed off the show.

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