Kentucky Police Chief Shot Dead by Prisoner in Cruiser

A man who was arrested for driving while under the influence fatally shot a Clay City Police Chief from the back seat of the police cruiser while he was driving.

Randy Lacy was pronounced dead at the scene where his cruiser veered off the road after he was killed behind the wheel.

Trooper Ralph Lockard, Public Affairs Officer for Morehead, said that Lacy had received a complaint of a man who was driving while under the influence. It is not clear whether the man was under the influence of alcohol or another type of drug.

According to Lockard, about 15 minutes after the suspect was arrested a shot was fired in the vehicle striking Lacy. The chief was driving the cruiser without a partner at the time.

“We don’t know where the gun came from,” said Lockard. “The man was handcuffed and there is a screen that is meant to protect the officers from suspects in the back seat.”

A bystander dialed 9-1-1 when they saw the cruiser veer off the road. The suspect then exited the vehicle and was attempting to escape when he was apprehended by state police and the Powell County Sheriff’s Department.

According to Lockard, there was no sign of a struggle in the vehicle.