Punishing Child Rapists with Death

Lynda Marie Kirby sexually abused her son in the most unimaginable and horrible ways. Kirby is serving a 125-year sentence, but there are many people in Texas who believe she deserves the death penalty.

Texas is the latest state to pass a form of “Jessica’s Law” — named after a 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford who was abused and murdered — a bill that allows the death penalty for people who rape children under age 6 at least twice, or children younger than 14 if the crime involves the use of a deadly weapon, alcohol or drugs, death threats, bodily injury, kidnapping, or gang rape. The bill is expected to pass.

However, in many cases the attacker is a relative and critics are arguing that the victim’s knowledge for being responsible for a relative’s execution could cause more psychological harm than the rapes themselves. READ MORE

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Here's what FOX fans are saying:

“Having a death penalty for child rapists could result in more children being murdered. Knowing that they could face the death penalty may cause some predators to kill the victims in order to make sure the victims can't testify against them.” — Rhonda (Hill AFB, UT)

“Death to all who rape our children and those who protect the rapist.” — Mike

“I want them out of the gene pool. They are unholy aberrations of nature and do not deserve the right to live among us. Since the current laws do not effectively keep these criminals away from us, their death seems the only guarantee they will not harm another child. Hook 'em up, light 'em up and send me the power bill.” — Tim (Sacramento, CA)

“They need to be hanged!! Life in prison is too easy on them. The system we have now is a joke. These people completely destroy lives, anything less than a horrible death is too easy!!!” — Hootey

“Absolutely we should allow the death penalty. In some cases it should be mandated.” — Jeff

“Considered dispassionately, the death penalty for child rapists seems the just thing to do.” — Douglas

“I think a death penalty, though very hard to get, would be a great deterrent to this unchecked evil in our society. I for one and absolutely furious about how little is done to protect kids from child predators in the name of the 1st amendment. I don't think the signers of the Declaration of Independence gave their lives so that jerks could view children on-line. We already know that the death penalty curbs murder, the statistics are astounding. I am all for it! “ — Lynda (Morgan Hill, CA)

“Never mind 'ALLOW' it — Make it MANDATORY !!! — I live 2 miles from Jessica's home and every time I go bye there, my blood boils knowing Couey isstill breathing and the other 3 creeps that lived in that trailer went Scot free — I'd pull the switch on the jerks with a smile on my face.” — Fred (Homosassa, FL)

“It's absurd to say that a victim would not want their attacker to die, relative or not!! It's not like the victim would be having Christmas dinner with his attacker!! I'm thinking the predator would not be a part of the family anyway after the prison time. If the victim looked back on the experience, they would probably remember wishing for their own death! Predators are Predators, they can't help themselves and they can't be helped. After they serve their time and are back on the street, who wants to live next door to a registered sex offender?!! Not Me!! There is no place for them to go after prison so there is no punishment except death for such offenses.” — Jamie

“Death penalty is too good for that kind of thing. As long as they never are in society again, I don't really care if they are dead or alive. The problem just stated, that Kirby got out, needs to be fixed. Added laws seem to be able to be skirted. Hey, why don't we execute the lawyers who get them off, and the judges who let them off? I'd go for that.” — Susan

“If a rapist is over 18 and there is absolute evidence such as DNA etc ... then absolutely they should be sentenced to die. However, I believe a cheaper alternative would be for these people to live out their lives in an obscure facility that would never allow for escape. There would be no family visits, no phone calls, no computer, no TV, no magazines, no human relationships of any kind ever, no anything. Just a cinder block cell and dull food and no hope for the future. They must be made to pay dearly for their evil. People like that are unredeemable. We must turn our back on them and help the victims.” — Sandy

“Yes, the death penalty should be carried out immediately, for those who harm children, no questions asked and no appeals.” — Caren

“I think that anyone who robs a child of their innocence should be gravely punished. It's bad enough that pedophiles are even allowed to walk the streets and have access to children whether it's through the internet or community events and are given a smack on the hand for being naughty. Get these sickos out of here.” — Summer (WA)

“In the article it is mentioned that the child would feel responsible for the rapist death. I think a person making that statement is really saying the rape was the fault of the victim in the first place. These children do not ask to be raped, they are victims and as a victim they should never feel responsible for another person's actions. Many claim that rape, in its own way, kills a person emotionally, if this is true, which I believe it is, then the rapist should be put to death. How many children could have been saved from a rapist if death is on the table?” — Greg

“Finally someone has come to this conclusion. I have felt death was the appropriate punishment for crimes against children for years. Anyone that can do such acts should be wiped from humanity. They are trash and we throw out thrash. Death is the perfect solution to these types of crimes.” — Pamela

“Absolutely it warrants the death penalty, as do many other crimes. What is humane about locking someone up for 135 years and tax payers footing the bill?” — Derek

“I am in favor of it. Crimes against children are the most heinous, and they continue regularly, so obviously our current mode of punishing such crimes is not a deterrent. These people are a threat to all children, and our society. “ — K

“Death penalty for child rapist is like asking are you for clean air and water, YES.” — Steve

“The rape of children is critically out of control and must be stopped. If the death penalty will deter such behavior, I am strongly in favor of such a punishment!” — Marlena

“Being that sexually abusing a child is THE single worst crime imaginable, and since my idea for punishing these offenders is illegal itself; obviously yes, I whole heartedly support this proposal.” — David

“I'm usually for the Death Penalty, but unlike most people I don't lie to myself. I don't believe it really acts as a deterrent. It satisfies the all too human need for revenge. We are the only animal on the planet that needs revenge.” — Nick

“YES! We should have a death penalty for child rapists! I live in an area where a rapist is on the loose now and his victims are about 14 years old. And as your other news story shows - new reports prove the death penalty is a deterrent. I am tired of stories about victims who are dead and the assailant was a known child predator.” — Lisa (Chandler, AZ)

“Are you serious? This should have been a law put into practice eons ago. An innocent life has been destroyed. The death penalty should be the consequence. Not as an act of revenge, but to protect future victims and deter the tempted.” — Erika

“YES! Child rapists should get the death penalty … it's the only way to stop this awful offense. This country is too soft with punishment, that is why we have so many crimes … other countries laugh at the number of crimes we have…” — V

“I strongly approve of the death penalty for any rapists. These people are murdering the innocence of people and this is something they will never be able to recover. The argument against the death penalty is that he or she would be responsible for sentencing a relative to death. Please, I have worked with kids that were abused by relatives. From what I could tell, the majority did not have any sympathy toward the person who raped them. “ — Chip

“My thought is twofold; first, this whole second offense is a joke, if you sexually abuse a child that is it, you are done, secondly, the death penalty should be the only option and I would do away with the lethal injection and in this case bring back the electric chair.” — Joe (Grapevine, TX)

“When someone murders another person, they are subject to the death penalty in most states. Any crime against a child is much worse then killing another adult, so the punishment should fit. If the government doesn't furnish justice in these cases, the parents of the victims will be forced to.” — Steven

“If the kids don't want to put a relative to death, how about mandatory life sentence with no eligibility of parole?” — Cindy

“People who commit this type of crime are incurable and will commit this crime again and again. Never in history have even one of these people been rehabilitated. There is no choice, you don't have to even be smart to figure this one out … they must be euthanized. “ — Jerry

“While the death penalty is extreme, it is not as extreme as the evil these men do. I think it could psychologically help a child to know that others in this world will protect and severely punish those who hurt and damage them. “ — SD

“I'm all for it, including all rapists. I'm also for a one strike you're out if there is indisputable evidence. No second chances because the victims don't get a second chance on a normal life.” — James (Scituate, MA)

“It is time that we as a nation start to really protect our children from predators and pedophiles. It seems that we are always looking for that 'silver bullet' that will fix people, however, we need to come to our senses and realize that some people are beyond repair and we need to execute them for heinous crimes such as rape of a child.” — George (Turlock, CA)

“I am in favor of the death penalty for child rapists. Anyone who would take advantage of a child in such a manner has no conscience, and thus, will only progress on to more of the same and worse. And while a child may fear the consequences of exposing the rapist, the relief gained from being free of his power may well be worth it.” — Sarah

“Children who are abused suffer the rest of their lives. I believe anyone who abuses a child should be put to death, it is an inexcusable crime.” — Pamela

“Absolutely! Maybe then they would think twice about harming a child. The damage that they do to their victims is most likely something that can never be repaired and no child deserves that. We protect these predators way too much. Think of the years that a child would have to be in therapy and it can never erase those terrible moments.” — Sharon (Deer Island, OR)

“The only way to deal with the very high recidivism rate of this heinous crime?” — Mark (Wisconsin)

“AT LEAST TWICE???!!! Are you kidding me???? Anyone who has the compulsion to rape a child should be executed. No one has ever been reformed or 'cured' from this deviant behavior. The damage is done when the act is done, whether it's a relative or stranger. This is the only crime that deserves a quick and severe penalty— Death!” — Liz (Indiana)

“I don't think the death penalty is too harsh .... that child must live ( if they are still alive ) with the horror they experienced from a sick maniac , who will only do it again to another helpless child. Our jails are not a proper place for these animals; they should no longer be allowed to live. They have no conscious; being in jail will not reform them!! They will get out to do it again.” — Annmarie

“Absolutely. The death penalty would serve as a deterrent and perhaps force those who feel the need to commit this type of crime to seek help. Additionally, the death penalty would prevent the person from committing a second offense.” — Barbara

“I do not think the death penalty is the answer unless the child is murdered by the rapist. I think they should have to carry an ankle bracelet for the rest of their lives so they can be monitored by GPS. If a child is abducted the monitor can check where each pedophile in the area is and the pedophiles have to be called in. It will also monitor if they come too close to schools or parks where children more likely play.” — Debby

“Yes. The rapist has ruined that child's life. According to one report recently seen on Fox news, the death penalty cuts back on crime.” — R.

“Death for child rapists? It is way past due! The predators that use children to obtain their thrills should definitely be put to death. How about the pain the children suffer? The perpetrators of these crimes sit in their cells year after year, laughing at the courts and the 'justice' system. Not to mention reliving their perverted crimes and, no doubt, smiling at the thought of what they had done. Kill them quickly!!!” — Jim (GP, OR)

“Do it. The death penalty IS a deterrent to crime and these people will have all ready destroyed at least one child's life and probably many more. They need to be put out of they're misery and our children deserve to be free of them. It's time for America to start taking this problem seriously.” — John (Columbus, MS)

“As I understand it, pedophiles cannot be rehabilitated. Therefore, the best and safest thing we can do is give them the death penalty. Capital punishment was instituted by God millennia ago. If it's good enough for Him, it's good enough for me!!” — Beverly

“Yes, they should get the death penalty. This is one of the most horrific crimes to commit. You get more time for stealing someone's money than robbing these babies of their innocence. The deterrent is this person will not do it again. It is happening way too much.” — Ralph (Terre Haute, IN)