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How do I find the Saturday business block on your website? — Michael

If you go to the webpage locate the navigation tools at the top of the page and click on the “business tab.” You will be directed to the business homepage where you can use the side navigation bar to find the link “business shows,” this will direct you to the Saturday business block. For quicker access, add this link to your favorites: http://w !

I was just curious where is Juliet Huddy now? I am a regular morning show watcher and was curious where she disappeared to. Thanks for your time. I love you guys! — Dan

Don’t worry! You can still get your morning dose of Juliet Huddy on "The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet” on your local FOX station. To get more information on the show, such as local listings and how to appear on the show: click here!

How do you order the Bill O’Reilly pen and how much does it cost? — Bud (Charlotte, NC)

The Spin Stops Here Pen is available through Bill O’ Reilly’s Website . The pen comes in both red and black and costs $18.95; refills are also available!

Do any of your shows have a live audience. If so, are there tickets available? Are there tours of the studio available? I will be visiting NYC next Jan. — Linda

At this time, FOX News does not offer tours of the studio. However, "The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet” offers the opportunity to be a member of the audience for the LIVE broadcast of the show! All you have to do is click here and sign up to receive your free tickets! For our fans on the West Coast, you can go to a taping of the "1/2 Hour News Hour" — click here for more info on how to get tickets.

Am I missing something? I don't see the blogs on your new format. I'm a real fan of Father Jonathan, so I hope he's not gone, and I just can't find where you put the blogs. — Bob (Harrisburg, PA)

Have no fear, Father Jonathan is still here! All you have to do is click on the FOX Fan link at the top of the FOX Website! At FOX Fan Central you can find everything you need! From serious op-ed columns to behind-the-scenes blogs, we've got it all. Plus, voice your own opinion — check out the daily speakout to voice your opinions about hot topics! Check out FOX Fan for blogs, bios, and games galore!

Are you doing the Fox Fan Day at Shea this year? I loved it last year and was looking forward to it. — Colleen

You bet we are! FOX Fan Day at Shea will be on Friday, June 22nd — picnic party starts at 6 p.m. Game time is 7:10 p.m. Come join us as the Mets take on the Oakland A’s! For tickets and additional information on this exciting day go to our FOX fan website! Tickets are going fast , so click quickly!

Is Trace Gallagher still doing Studio B and Fox report on the weekends? I've seen him doing "alerts" but haven't seen him on these shows for the past few weeks. — Jean

Trace Gallagher is still doing Studio B on the weekends! For information on scheduling visit the FOX News website and click the "schedule" link at the top right!

I cannot find the Radio program schedule, where can I find tonight’s schedule? — Conrad

The FOX News Radio schedule is updated every day for your convenience! The FOX News Radio site provides not only a schedule, but other helpful information on shows and hosts and the opportunity to listen LIVE online!

I watched a wonderful video essay by Lizzie this morning but I cannot seem to find it on your website. How can I contact Lizzie for a copy of that tape? I would like to use it in my human development class. It is so real and touching. — May

This touching video can be found by accessing the FOX News website and clicking on the politics link on the top of the page. You can then click on the side nav bar link that reads “FOX News Sunday” that will redirect you to a video link of Lizzie Palmer’s video that was featured on the Chirs Wallace show. You can also search Chris Wallace or Lizzie Palmer in the search bar on the top of the FOX News Website, which is a helpful tool for finding any information on the site.

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