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OK, it felt weird talking about "The Sopranos" and Paris Hilton in the first block of all three hours, but we did balance it our with an extensive news update. Immigration, Iraq and Colin Powell on the Sunday talkfest made the program, but we also looked at the incredibly controversial ending of "The Sopranos." How can you end eight and half years of a series without a close? They really didn't end it, just rolled credits with the ultimate cliffhanger. My hunch they are teeing it up for a movie! What's your take?

For me the high point was having Mike Pressler and Don Yaeger on talking about their new book
called, "It's Not About the Truth." It's the story of the Duke lacrosse scandal that destroyed so many lives for absolutely no reason. I can't recommend the book any more without sounding like a salesperson. Even if you didn't follow the case, you will like the book because the danger of a rogue prosecutor is exposed. I learned that if these players did not have money, they would have been railroaded right into prison. Now it's Michael Nifong on trial and it's the players in the courtroom watching him squirm, sweat and hopefully go up in flames. Also condemned in this book the president and athletic director at Duke along with 88 professors who were quick to roast the players without knowing the facts. Think it's time to apologize to the players, their families and the coach — who is now at Division II Bryant University? Not one apology yet! No class if you ask me!

This is a magic week for my book, "It's How You Play the Game: The Powerful Sports Moments That Taught Lasting Values to America's Finest." I kinda wrote it thinking this is a perfect Father's Day book — and now Father's day is upon us. I will be at Bookends Tuesday, June 12 in Ridgewood, New Jersey and will be in Kansas at Fort Leavenworth, Thursday and Friday. For dates, times and locations and more just go to www.briankilmeade.com.

Thanks for making us and keeping us No. 1 and special thanks to everyone who came out in Dayton Ohio from Wright Patterson and at Books and Co. — I had a great time with everyone I met!


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