Paris Sent Back To the Slammer

On June 8, the day after Paris Hilton was placed on home arrest — after serving three full days of her already shortened 23-day jail sentence for breaking her probation for alcohol-related reckless driving — she's back in slammer.

After an emergency court hearing, Paris Hilton was sent from her southern California home back to Century Regional Dention Center to carry out her original 45-day sentence. READ MORE

FNC wants to know what YOU think — What is your opinion of Paris' current predicament — and, will it help or hurt her career?

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Here is what FOX Fans are saying:

"Are you kidding me? THIS is an ABSOLUTE failure of the justice system. It SCREAMS of differential treatment of the "common person" versus the Hollywood starlet who's great accomplishment is what? A sex tape, movie premiere appearances and idiotic one liners like, "That's hot!" UGH! Please tell me that this is not preferential treatment and the justice system is balanced and works equally for everyone?" — Timothy (Perkasie, PA)

"I just wondered what it would be like if a normal, everyday person was sentenced to jail for drinking? Would they get released if they cried daily for three days? That is the part that is truly unfair!" — Rachel (Tampa, FL)

"Once again, a celebrity gets away with murder. California is the place to go. 'They' continue to make a mockery of the legal system. If you are rich and famous, one can truly do anything, without concern for a penalty. Lindsay Lohan could be the happiest celebrity in California, now that her buddy has been released after a tough three days. I suppose that we should be prepared for the release of Phil Spector." — Richard Nichols

"Releasing Paris Hilton is a travesty of justice. What possible "medical condition" requires her to go home to her mansion and not a hospital. Many people are incensed by this mockery of the judicial system and since she didn't have a career or reputation to lose, it won't hurt those but she's probably going to become one of the most hated women in America for this stunt. How many other prisoners in LA jails receive such preferential treatment?" — M.

"I'm sure I'm in the minority, but I'm glad she's out of jail. I think we've let legislators go wild with creating new laws that serve only to place ordinary citizens in jail, not just actual criminals. To say her acts were criminal are only because we have so many repressive laws. She's not a criminal; she should have been fined only or had her car impounded. I believe that minor traffic infractions should always be paid for with fines, not jail time. I believe this should be across the board, though. No leniency based on influence. Too many teenagers and other young people are arrested, handcuffed and placed behind bars for not paying a traffic ticket. These "crimes" should be handled differently, in my opinion." — Susan Miller (El Paso, TX)

"Once again money talks and once again a celebrity gets away easy after breaking the law. There is definitely a double standard here. The middle/poor income would never have been told they could go home and finish out their sentence there. You do the crime, you do the time. Paris Hilton will learn nothing from this experience; they did her no favors by being easy on her." — Charlotte (Berlin, NJ)

"The only career this girl has is going to clubs and making a mockery of being a true woman. Honestly, I was hoping jail would give her some class... so much for our justice system! How disappointing." — C.

"Paris needs to tell her parents to be quiet and Paris needs to get a new attorney. They all just seem to say and do things to irritate the judge. Not a good thing for an attorney to do. Paris needs to realize that me and the rest of the human race have lives that are important - we have families that love us — we have kids that rely on us — Paris, you just do not rate higher than the rest of us." — D.

"You folks are just plain ridiculous. This judge did not give her 45 days simply for the publicity. That's absurd! The judge sentenced her to her term because she assumed absolutely NO responsibility for her actions — either on the DUI charge or the following charges of driving while license suspended or the reckless driving charge." — Holly (Boonville, NC)

"This is so appalling that I'm turning in my Hilton Diamond VIP card and going back to the Marriott. That's $60,000 a year in business that Hilton hotels will lose because of poor little Pairs. Fifteen years ago I served my jail time for violating my DUI probation, she should too!" — Steve (Henderson, NV)

"I guess it's all a matter of perspective. Forty days in that house for me would be a vacation!" — Jim

"Can someone please explain to me why we are concerned about Paris Hilton? What has she done to contribute, in a positive way, to our society? We already knew she was not going to serve her whole sentence - for some reason she has a sense of entitlement that is beyond my comprehension. I don't know if it will hurt her "career" and don't really care. When she starts actually doing something that is noteworthy and worthwhile, I might be interested in reading something about her." — Peggy

"I think they should immediately fire the law enforcement officers who did this. If it were anyone else in jail, tears wouldn't matter." — R.S.

"It show's us all that you can get away with murder if you have the big bucks, O.J. did." — David (Bellingham, MA)

"This is truly a travesty of the justice system. Once again proving that it is who you know that counts. I can only imagine that Martha Stewart is firing her lawyer right now and that she and every other celebrity has put Paris' lawyer on retention as well as on speed dial." — Bill (Jacksonville, FL)

"Surprise! Surprise! Paris bought her way out of jail. Medical condition my eye. I've heard of people who were so ill, they were DYING in jail, but they couldn't get out. If there was ever any doubt that the justice system could be bought, I believe this settles it." — Mary (Whiteside, TN)

"This goes to show that Money, and Fame pay for everything! SHE (like Lindsay Lohan) had a DUI and drug possession charge, then broke parole. 45 days is nothing and she couldn't do that. What kind of a message does this send to every kid out there?" — Dwight

"Don't think she really has a career that will get hurt. If ever she had one, it will tank because she just proved to people what most of us think of her already anyway (A Rich Spoiled Big Brat ) who uses her wealth and standing to get out of every bind. I for one, would like to see her stand up and take what she deserves. It will most likely help her so-called career more." — MES

"No one is holding this girl accountable. How will the authorities who granted this early release explain themselves to the families of innocent victims if Paris gets behind the wheel, under the influence again, and kills or seriously hurts someone? 'Sorry for your pain and loss, but Paris was crying in her jail cell for three days, so we let her go home under house arrest.'" — Debbie (Spokane, WA)

" I hope that all the other inmates in that correction facility get to see medical people and attorneys each day and that most importantly, each other inmate is released after 3 days to home detention. This is a true example of money talks. The best place for Paris would be "the Simple Life" behind bars, seeing how the rest live. I would also hope that no financial gain from this entire experience would be allowed for her or any member of her family or employ. WHAT A JOKE!" — Karen

"This is another fine example of another celebrity not having to pay their 'debt' to society. I'm surprised she did the 3 days and apparently that means 5 in Hollywood terms. Years ago something like this would hurt a celebrity. Today it will definitely enhance her career. I see a book deal coming and possibly a movie on this whole 'ordeal.' The sad thing about this is that there are kids out there who actually like her and may now think it's ok to get in trouble and will not have to pay a high price for it because she obviously didn't have to. Being confined to your home for 40 days wearing a tracking device (in gold too I'm sure) doesn't constitute doing hard time. I do hope Paris learns from this mistake and will behave herself. At least in public anyway." — D.

"What kind of justice is it to be confined to your mansion for 40 days? If I break the law, can I be confined to her mansion? This shows there is truly one set of laws for the rich and another set for those who are not! Our justice system is a joke!!!" — D.

"Unspecified medical reasons? What happens when the other inmates get sick? Do we put them on house arrest? This is a complete joke and a perfect example of preferential treatment. I hope the people of California are outraged." — Scott (Baltimore, MD)

"Paris Hilton must have been playing the game Monopoly entertaining herself while doing her jail time. How lucky for her to draw the GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD." — Janet (Oakhurst, CA)

"I just have a message for Nicole and Lindsey. You have money too, so don't worry about jail. Just cry and refuse to eat and they will let you go home!!!!" — Dee (Lake Havasu City, AZ)

"Please give me a break. This person needs to serve her time. What are we telling everyone in our country???? The judge that sentenced her needs to step in and say NO she is to stay in jail." — Juanita

"This is a disgrace to our legal system! If she had 'medical' problems then she should have been treated in jail or released to a hospital (or state mental health facility if her problem was mental). Allowing her to go home after basically throwing a tantrum is absolutely wrong. I hope all the other inmates in that facility throw tantrums too and the judge has to let them out on home arrest for the same 'medical' reason." — Derek (Canada)

"Why should she be treated any differently than any other person who has broken the law? I'm sick of hearing about the antics of all the stars. In my opinion they're all spoiled brats that get far too much attention than they deserve!" — Dione

" Let's see, they vindicated OJ of murder, vindicated Michael Jackson of child molestation ten times, forgave Paris of parole violation. Go California!" — Angelo (Damascus, MD)