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Question 1: On Monday, Al Qaeda's reported nuclear whiz kid — a 'tantalizing terror figure' with a $5 million bounty on his head — was the figure investigators had hoped to snag in their 18-month probe of a plot to blow up what airport?

A. New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport
B. Chicago's O'Hare International Airport
C. Texas' Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport
D. London's Heathrow Airport

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Question 2: On Monday, car-rental giant Avis added what new service for customers, in limited cities?

A. Requesting a babysitter to watch their children
B. Booking a chauffeur to drive their rental car
C. Free registration on an online dating site
D. Granting frequent renters flyer miles with any airline

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Question 3: A bad burn isn’t all you may have to worry about this beach season. What phenomenon at New York area beaches has some beachgoers bummed?

A. An increase in the number of shark sightings as a result of the higher water temperature due to global warming
B. An outbreak of red tide
C. E. coli-infested sand
D. The unseasonable strong riptides have forced beaches to close

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Question 4: Lindsay Lohan may have checked into Promises rehab facility in Malibu, but that hasn’t stopped the young starlet from causing a scandal. What’s the "Mean Girl’s" latest scandal?

A. A new reality show starring her mother
B. Photos have been uncovered of Lindsay holding Vanessa Minnillo at knifepoint
C. Negative comments she made to reporters about her latest film “Georgia Rule”
D. She got into an altercation with a fellow Promises patient

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Question 5: On Sunday, the U.S. Navy fired warning shots at a Dutch commercial ship while in international waters. The Navy also fired on three smaller vessels in the area. Why was the Navy exchanging fire with the Dutch ships?

A. It was a covert operation to disrupt the Dutch economy after trade negotiations failed
B. The Dutch commercial ship had been boarded by pirates
C. The U.S. Navy mistook the Dutch ship for a vessel thought to be transporting bomb-making materials to Russia
D. The U.S. Navy fired after the Dutch ship set off firecrackers

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Question 6: According to a study by The Times of London, which name is now second only to Jack as the most popular name for baby boys in Britain?

A. Michael, in honor of the King of Pop
B. Muhammad, in honor of the Prophet
C. David, after the soccer great
D. William, after the member of the British Royal Family

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Question 7: On Wednesday, Andrew Speaker, the globe-trotting tuberculosis patient now in quarantine, insisted to Congress that doctors told him he wasn't contagious. What occupation does Speaker have?

A. Personal-injury lawyer
B. Doctor specializing in TB
C. Scientist at the CDC
D. Chairman of Homeland Security

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Question 8: On Wednesday, "Pac-Man" was reborn on Microsoft's Xbox Live online service as a final tribute for the designer Toru Iwatani, who is retiring from the games industry. What did the 27-year-old original iconic arcade character resemble?

A. A green frog
B. A yellow pizza missing a slice
C. A purple hand with claw-like fingers
D. A yellow sun with a red hat

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Question 9: On Thursday, after serving only three full days behind bars, Paris Hilton was released from jail early, but she has been fitted with an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet and must remain confined to her Hollywood Hills home for 40 days. Why was she let out?

A. The sheriff cited "medical" reasons
B. Her father paid off the judge
C. She had to attend her "Simple Life" premiere
D. She cried constantly, and other jailmates couldn't take it

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Question 10: On Thursday, a 26-year-old man seen on a video surveillance tape was charged with premeditated first-degree murder and aggravated kidnapping in connection to the death of recent high school graduate Kelsey Smith, who disappeared from the parking lot of what store in Overland Park, Kan.?

A. K-Mart
B. Target
C. Wal-Mart
D. Best Buy

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BONUS Question: Janice Dean is known as "The Weather Machine" at FNC. Why is Dean considered a FOXCaster and not a meteorologist?

BONUS Answer: FOXCaster Janice Dean has one more class to go! After she finishes the Oceanography class, it allows her acceptance in the American Meteorology Soceiety.

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