Interviewing John Mark Karr

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Today we are back in D.C. after a quick trip to New York to interview John Mark Karr. You may recall Karr is the man arrested in Thailand last year in connection with the 1996 JonBenet Ramsey murder. He was brought — in custody — to the United States and later released. He was never tried in connection with the Ramsey murder and, after being released from custody in Colorado, he was sent to California to face some old misdemeanor charges. Those misdemeanor charges were likewise dismissed — the authorities, if they had evidence against him, lost it so the charges were dropped. After he was released from California custody, and after much information became public about the arrest in Thailand, many legitimately wondered what the Boulder DA was thinking when she arrested him in connection to the Ramsey murder.

The John Mark Karr arrest and the Duke Lacrosse case, for better or for worse, have given many people a glimpse into the business of prosecutors and how some — not all — do their jobs. Note: I am in no way suggesting that Boulder DA Mary Lacy is a renegade prosecutor... merely suggesting that sometimes prosecutors can either "jump the gun" or make mistakes... and this can have big consequences. They have enormous power, but are human. And yes, in the very rare circumstance, they can be a renegade from whom the community needs to be protected.

We taped the Karr interview Monday, aired about a minute of it last night, but have much, much, much more to show you! Karr had lots and lots to say. More of our interview will likely air tonight… or tomorrow night (that is a decision made not by me, but by my senior producer.)

What was odd about the Karr interview for me is that I felt like Karr was trying to convince me throughout the interview that he is guilty. Usually someone being interviewed wants to convince the interviewer that he or she is not guilty. There simply is no evidence that I am aware of which links Karr to the crime of murder of Jon Benet Ramsey. I am not sure why he wants to be suspected of such a terrible crime. I suspect if there were evidence he were involved in the murder, he would not have been released.

Today we have posted several pictures: John Mark Karr, our D.C. newsroom, our New York newsroom, my office, Jeff Brown at lunch in Florida on Friday, etc. There is no particular theme to the picture postings today, but rather a random collection to give you a bit of an idea of the behind the scenes.

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I received many e-mails about yesterday's blog:

E-mail No. 1

That is a shame, I keep hoping for America to change, and become the America that the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed about. I am a white American (even having to say that offends me) and I said it. We are all Americans, our color should play no part in our description of ourselves. I am 57 years old, that is relevant because in the era I grew up in, we were a separated people. As a child raised in a world where one race was accepted (by most) as dominate over others was hurtful to me, it hurt my heart and my feelings. I could not understand, we are all God's children regardless of color, size, etc., there was no difference to me, then along came Dr. King and I sat glued to my TV. I listened to everything I could find him speaking about, I saw things that crushed my heart, horrible things I will never forget. Dr. King taught me a valuable life's lesson, I have always tried to instill in my children, they in turn are teaching their children the same principals. One person can make a difference! God loves all mankind, we are all his creation he loves every color on earth. God is no respecter of person according to my bible and my heart the God I serve is a God of love and mercy. I am sorry to say that in today's society there is more racism than ever not, only are the whites prejudice but so are the blacks, Hispanics and most not all of every other race I see that is the shame of America today. It still hurts me today. The sad thing is we are taught racism, I praise God I was never introduced to that type of thinking.
I watch FOX News where it is fair and balanced in all things including people. Shame on you CNN.
J. King

E-mail No. 2

Hi Greta, I got your message, all white guys! Oh well. I very rarely watch CNN. I liked watching you on CNN and all those connected with the O.J. case, but I am not a fan of CNN I guess. FOX is my station!
Love you all.
Jo Sherman

E-mail No. 3

Dear Greta,
I haven't watched CNN recently, except for Larry King on occasion, so I don't know what their talent looks like. But when you were there, they had some excellent female, black and Hispanic reporters. Where were they last night? Good question.
Father Daniel Beegan
Rumford, ME

ANSWER: CNN still has excellent minorities who appear on air… and they do appear on air often. Some host shows of their own… I was just disappointed that for the very important topic of election and democracy — the debate — that there was not a strong minority presence on Sunday night.

E-mail No. 4

Dear Great, (sic)
Get over it, so Wolf and CNN were chosen, drop the race card and stop winging. FOX is seen and acts like an extreme right-wing news Chanel. All the whining and winging smacks of desperation, you are beginning to sound more like Ann Coulter everyday.
T Yackson

ANSWER: Well… I suspect that you and I can agree that you don't have my first name right, right?

E-mail No. 5

She should have gotten a year in jail — hard to feel bad for her — apparently ignored the probation, disrespected the court, and I think I heard she was apparently driving in the dark with headlights out — and, was she also drunk? Is that correct? If so she really could have hurt some innocent person... a year.

E-mail No. 6

Greta: Harvey Levenstein is dead wrong about Paris Hilton getting 23 days. It was not just about probation violation but DUI, driving under a suspended license not once but twice and not reporting to alcohol school. She is getting off easy and anyone else for much less would get a year minimum.
Ron Agalsoff
El Monte, CA

E-mail No. 7

You would think they would just come on over and appear on FOX (ratings would be better). What did you think about Biden? Saw some polling and looks like he came out good — just what the people wanted to hear. But, don't think he will be able to raise the money. Honestly Greta, it really doesn't matter who is president — it is the people around him — just look at Bush.
You don't have to answer this — but why did you leave CNN? Your show was the only one I watched — other than catching Larry King when someone was on that I had an interest.
Don't care about Paris Hilton — she shouldn't be in jail — I get a kick of your guests arguing this topic. Have her do community service work. Look at all the people who should be behind bars and are not.

E-mail No. 8

Greta — you are one of my VERY favorite FOX personalities. I have watched you for years — even on CNN during trial coverage. In fact, I couldn't stand CNN but watched for your reports. Tonight I was anxious to see your coverage of the young girl missing in Kansas. I watched the interview with her parents and then you went to coverage of Paris Hilton? Are you KIDDING ME? She's a young woman who got in trouble. Fortunately, she has the support of her family and many friends. Good for her. Not so with the young girl in Kansas — she's possibly been abducted and possibly murdered. I know some folks are interested in the Hilton saga, Lohan fiasco, Britney mess, etc. On the other hand, many of us depend on you for 'serious journalism.' I look forward to the entire Hilton mess being over — she's being punished because of her 'celebrity'? That always strikes me as hilarious — she's not a celebrity. She's the daughter of wealthy parents and needs to get over herself. I agree with Gloria — she is NOT a victim. She'll make millions off of this.
Under God,
Jenny Watts

E-mail No. 9

The only reason Hilton is in isolation is because of her celebrity. It has nothing to do with her crime, as her attorney implies.
This will be a difficult time for someone who lives for the limelight and thrives on attention, but I think she will benefit from the experience.
Solitude can do a lot to help clear one's mind.
Stanley Higgins
Albuquerque, NM

E-mail No. 10

Greta — I'm watching your spot on Kelsey Smith. First of all thank you for airing this. Overland Park Kansas is a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri. I work in Overland Park not too far from where she was abducted. It's a pretty high dollar area where crime is not that frequent. I guess you just never know. Hopefully your spot will help to find her.
Lee's Summit, MO
(Yet another suburb or Kansas City, MO)

E-mail No. 11

It irritates me to hear these people saying Paris Hilton doesn't deserve her sentence. She broke the law and the law is to be obeyed by everyone, she is no exception.
All she has to do is next time do the right thing.
Sinie Roberts
Horn Lake, MS

E-mail No. 12

I played varsity sports in Soccer, Ice Hockey and Baseball and I always hated people like this guy. The best players and their coaches ALWAYS accept the decisions of the referees, because they know they're going to win anyway and we always did...
Tim Fitzgerald
Palm Harbor, FL

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