Your Grrrs: June 5, 2007

Here are a few of your responses from last week's column...

Micah wrote: Grrr to no new Grrr this week!

Heather writes: I love your column and just want to ask one question. Why are you wasting your time responding to someone who seems to be seriously lacking in the intelligence department (David Krieff) and who proves it by not even realizing there is and apostrophe in the contraction I'm??? Isn't that one of the first contractions you learn in elementary school? Wait. That was two questions ... I think just reading his arrogant rant to you must have squashed a few of my brain cells since it seems I no longer can count.

Melissa writes: Here's my Grrr!: TV networks canceling the few interesting, intelligent shows on the schedule! Have you heard about the NUTS campaign to save the CBS show "Jericho"? Fans were very upset with the abrupt cancellation and have initiated a grassroots campaign. Using a "battle cry" from the season finale, fans have sent over 34,000 POUNDS of NUTS to CBS executives in New York and Los Angeles. The fans have also joined to run an ad in Variety magazine ( and have flooded CBS offices with countless letters, postcards, e-mails, phone calls and faxes. CBS has acknowledged that this is the largest show cancellation protest in television history.

Jenn writes: Good for you for putting that jerk in his place! I'm sick of Hollywood thinking that we (the public) will swallow any crap they put in front of us. Honestly -- I couldn't care less about Fisher and Buttafuoco, but one thing I do care about is Krieff thinking he can fool us with his "sh*t." I'll be sure to avoid anything he produces in the future. Keep up the good work! I love your column!

Kate W. writes: Meow. Mr. Krieff certainly got up in arms over your column, Mike. It’s funny that a man with his connections and level of success would feel the need to defend himself so vigorously to you -- with your lacking life, low paycheck and enlarged rear end. I think he doth protest too much.

Cheri writes: Finally someone in the media who can tell the truth, even when it hurts. Keep it up. And, PLEASE, share something with us regarding the recent VIEW FEUD. I am certain there MUST be a great GRRRRR or two there.


Melissa in N.J. writes: Who gives a hoot about these two losers. I hope that all parties involved in this, if it ever comes to fruition, end up losing a ton of money invested. We already saw Alyssa Milano do her best impression of the almost murderess ... who cares about her now. Last I saw she had reconstructive surgery so that she would be less recognizable ... LOSERS!

A Texas Conservative writes: When will Rosie O’Donnell shut up? I am so sick of her liberal, loud-mouthed, uninformed view point that the media is trying to SHOVE down my throat. It isn’t even funny. Thank God that I don’t watch "The View," have never watched "The View" and will never watch "The View"!! And thank God that Rosie is no longer on "The View"! I can’t imagine what Barbara Walters was thinking when she hired her, but I’m glad they are rid of her. Way to go Elisabeth for not backing down to the bullying! You’re tired of it, and so am I!

John P writes: Mike, I have something to share that to my knowledge has not been addressed by you before. Before I get into this, I must say if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears, I wouldn't have believed it.

I went to a high school graduation a few days ago. After the presentation of awards to various students and faculty, one student got up to give a speech. I'm not sure if she was the valedictorian, but her speech was very well-presented. It was about 15 minutes long, and I couldn't tell if she was using notes. She appeared to be very comfortable in front of a crowd of a few thousand people, and seemed very at ease and well-prepared for her presentation. Sound good so far?

Wait until I tell you what she said.

She started off with a story about spending days before she began her "career as a high school student" picking out outfits to wear. On the first morning of high school, she walked to her brother's car for the ride to school and asked him how she looked. He replied, "Like a freshman." She went on to describe how upset she was after spending so much time trying to find the right outfit. Her speech continued with more trivial stuff like this, then ended with her realization that, "Some of us will move away from home and start families right away. Can you believe there will be mini-me's of us running around soon?" Then she said this: "I want you all to be wild, be free, be weird, have fun!" Then she got off the stage. I thought to myself, "What ever happened to "get a job," or "be responsible?" Not one word was spoken by this girl along these lines.

But I'm not finished yet. Here's the kicker.

The last award was yet to be presented. A faculty member got up and explained that there were 18 students who almost didn't graduate. They were identified in time to be placed in a program forcing them to go to school from 8:00 a.m. until about 6:00 p.m. every day for several weeks to make up for missed work, get help from teachers, and take exams over again to bring grades up. Then they named the top person of the bottom 18 in the entire class of about 350, and gave her a $500 scholarship for "Persistence." I almost fell out of my chair. What about the other 332 students who were not in danger of missing graduation? Why didn't they get special recognition?

But I'm still not finished. Here's the REAL kicker.

I was visiting my mother right after the aforementioned graduation and told her all about what I had seen and heard. She said, "That's nothing." Then she explained that the same thing happened at a high school near her. She read about it in the paper. Anyway, in that case the school presented the valedictorian with very generous scholarships and a trip to some exotic place like Aruba. Then they presented the LAST person in the class, the one with the LOWEST GPA, with exactly the same awards, minus the trip.

What on God's green earth is happening in this country? Am I missing something?

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