Whirlwind Trip: There and Back Again

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If you watched Wednesday night's show, you know that we managed to fly five hours to Arizona yesterday, travel to Sen. McCain's home, interview Sen. McCain's wife in their home, drive back to the airport and fly five hours back to Washington, D.C., to do our show live. Yes, all in one day! It was not without some agonizing moments. For instance, we had a timely arrival in Phoenix (that was good news) only to spend about 45 minutes on the tarmac since we had no gate (that was bad news). The gate our plane was supposed to go to had a disabled plane in it — ugh! We did not "need" to lose 45 minutes, since we had so little time to get to the McCain home, conduct the interview and drive back to the airport... but, we did it.

I had never met Mrs. McCain before and found her delightful. I had been in a crowd of media in New Hampshire back in 2004 and had seen her in person, but never met her. I had not realized — until I did my pre interview research — that she has a long history of charity work. She left last night for Vietnam for one of her projects, but found time for our interview. What I also did not know is that she is an animal lover — I saw four dogs, one lemur, fish and I was told a cat was in her daughter's bedroom. I also learned that she loves gadgets (like FOX News' Adam Housley and me). She likes the latest in phones, cameras etc., and could even answer my quiz about when the new Apple iPhone is coming out (that was my test of how into gadgets she really is.)

Because Mrs. McCain is not running for office, I did not ask her policy questions. The policy questions go to the candidates. If she decides to run for office, she will get the policy questions. The goal of the interview was just to get a sense of what she is like.

Incidentally, no one noticed (luckily) that I changed my blouse between the interview with Mrs. McCain in Arizona and the live show in D.C. Don't ask… but yes, I had to change it. I was lucky that I had one in the office that was only slightly different in color. Either you were not watching or I fooled you. I am hoping it was the latter.

FNC's Adam Housley (who incidentally played professional baseball… a pitcher) has had some bad luck while covering the riots in Venezuela. His personal camera equipment and iPod were stolen. I talked to him yesterday and he was a good sport about it, but was unhappy that on his long flight back to California he will have no music to listen to… of course at the rate things are going in Venezuela, I am not sure when he will be leaving.

Today I head to New York City — it is a quick trip up on the train for an interview and a quick flight back to D.C. for the show.

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

She said on tonight's show if Lindsey Lo-Life came into a bar and one did not know who she was, they are living under a rock!
Sorry Greta, there are a few of us who do not follow the hip crowd and never will!
I was at a restaurant in Crested Butte, CO. (1980s), had finished my meal, and was indulging in a few Black Russians. The waitress (Diane) was not bringing my bill, and I was getting upset. When she finally showed, she leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Nate, do you not realize who you are sitting next to?" I replied, "Sorry, I do not". "You are sitting next to Richard Dreyfuss", "Who's he, I asked?"
Two weeks later I saw the movie, JAWS... and, yep that was him. I was not impressed then, even less now!
Sorry Greta, but I have not lived "under a rock."
Nathan Adams
Tampa with one eye out for a dingbat from Hollywood

ANSWER: This was not the only viewer who whacked me for saying that. I guess I watch too much cable news and read too many newspapers. Yes, Lindsay Lohan is all over the news but no, not everyone has followed it. I understand this e-mailer's view.

E-mail No. 2 [this next e-mail refers to the Haines triple murder in PA]

Dear Greta,
We remain highly stressed in this area after these unexplained murders in a lovely residential area (where I grew up!). I currently live about 6-7 miles from where the crime occurred, in the next town, and I can tell you no one is sleeping well these days. Hope the police don't give up the search...

E-mail No. 3

Dear Greta,
Please pass on to Beth that she has been such a inspiration with her strength. I don't know how she maintained that level of poise throughout her whole ordeal. I have so much respect for her. And, I wish her the best in her search for closure. She is a remarkable woman.
Best regards,

E-mail No. 4

Greta, you are a hoot! I have a pile of shoes, too, and a house full of animals, as you know! I am going to send you my new song about Phil Spector just as soon as I get my recording gear up to speed. I thought someone should commemorate the trial with a song.

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