Producers of Australia's 'Big Brother' Refuse to Tell Contestant Her Father Is Dead

The furor surrounding Australia's version of "Big Brother" — where producers are refusing to tell a contestant her father is dead — is growing.

Hot houseguest Emma Cornell, a model from Adelaide, is unaware that her dad, Raymond Cornell, died earlier this month after battling cancer. Father and daughter were estranged until recently.

News that Emma was being kept in the dark surfaced last week but the pressure on producers to do something about it is mounting — not least because they worry that word will get to her by some other means.

The show's producers have so far refused to break the traditional "BB" ban on letting contestants hear any news from the outside world — including the death of a family member.

Two studio-audience members this week held up a sign reading, "Emma, Your Dad is Dead," before being hustled out and barred for good.

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