Alabama Boy That Killed Monster Hog Speaks Out About Slay

This is a partial transcript of "The Big Story With John Gibson," May 30, 2007, that has been edited for clarity.

JOHN GIBSON, HOST: A "Big Story" exclusive: Did Jamison Stone really kill one of the biggest pigs on the planet? A lot of people writing on the Internet say no. But the 11-year-old boy from Alabama is determined to prove that he did in fact kill this humongous hog earlier this month in Georgia. He says the picture is not a fake and I, for one, believe him. There are some huge hogs out there. Live with me on the phone now from Alabama to clear all this up is Jamison Stone and his father Mike Stone.

Welcome to both of you. Jamison, I just have to ask, what did you see, and how was it you shot this huge hog? Tell me what happened.

JAMISON STONE, KILLED HUGE HOG: You know, John, it was huge. It looked like a hippopotamus when I first saw it. This whole thing came about when our friend, who has a 2,500-acre farm outside of Ashton, Alabama, was telling us about this big hog he had that was tearing up land. And so he asked my dad if he'd come and hunt it and my dad said yes. But my dad had been planning all along for me to hunt the hog, but I did not know it until that day. And so we got there that day and he surprised me that I was going to kill the hog.

GIBSON: How did you first see it and tell me what you thought when you saw how big it was?

STONE: Well I first saw it as we were down in this bottom, in this creeky, swampy area. And the hog was down there and we saw it, and it was huge. I couldn't believe I was about to shoot that thing.

GIBSON: It looks like a car. It's enormous. What did you shoot it with?

STONE: A 50-caliber revolver.

GIBSON: 50 calibers?

STONE: Yes sir.

GIBSON: That's a big military-size gun. How many times did you shoot it?

STONE: I shot 16 times in all, but I hit it nine times.

GIBSON: Now, when the thing was dead and you walked up to it, and you realized it was as big as it is, what did you think about what you had done?

STONE: Well I was glad it didn't kill me. I was glad that I, you know, hit it the first couple times because if I wouldn't have it could of charged and it could have killed us.

MIKE STONE, JAMISON'S FATHER: We actually had some real skilled hunters there, some guys that have been to Africa and Alaska, that actually work as guides and they're friends of mine. And they were actually there at my request in order to back up Jamison on this particular hunt. So as far as hunting goes, hunting I guess has got a certain degree of danger like football or anything else or ice skating for that matter. But this was a very safe environment.

GIBSON: Mike, a lot of people just don't believe this picture. What do you say to them?

M. STONE: Well, I'll tell you, there has been a lot to do made about those pictures. The pictures are untouched pictures. They are the pictures that we took. The pictures are as they were. There was nothing done to those pictures at all.

I think the big deal is this all has come from one particular source that has kind of been trying to debunk these pictures, and we've had some experience with that person two or three days before she got this thing going. She had found out that we were going to be on one of the other network shows, and she had decided then that she was going to use this as, I think, a way to ride this story's notoriety and get her some exposure herself. And she went to some levels to do it. That kind of bothered us. She had promised to meet us at the airport and take Jamison and his sisters on a ride on the New York fire truck.

GIBSON: Mike, the other thing is, you know, it's the first day, news is Jamison shoots this Hogzilla, huge hog. The second day news is you're actually getting threatened over this.

M. STONE: Well Jamison and I have not received the threats as much as Jamison has. We've gotten a lot of threats but we figured they were just people behind a keyboard. Although they've gotten worse since we have been on television, there has actually been some stuff come in the mail, you know little threats and stuff. But there has been some really bad stuff; you can see on the Web site there. They'd like to see Jamison killed in a hunting accident, or like to see him beheaded on television all for the purpose of him being someone that was taught that hunting is a skill and it's OK to harvest the things that you want to eat.

GIBSON: Speaking of harvest, Jamison, what are you doing with all that sausage?

J. STONE: Oh man, many breakfasts.

GIBSON: All right. Jamison and Mike, we appreciate you coming on. Mike Stone, Jamison Stone. Good shooting, Jamison. Thanks a lot. We appreciate it. And that is one huge hog. Thanks to both of you.

M. STONE: John, God bless you.

GIBSON: Thank you.

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