60-Year-Old Mom Returns Home After Giving Birth to Twins

The 60-year-old New Jersey woman who last week gave birth to twins has returned home with the babies, saying she feels "fantastic."

Frieda Birnbaum, who conceived with the help of an in-vitro fertilization clinic in South Africa, delivered the boys, Josh and Jaret, at Hackensack University Medical Center. The hospital cited her as the oldest American woman to give birth to twins.

"I'm very excited," Birnbaum told The Record of Bergen County after pulling into the family's driveway Sunday with the twins and her husband, Ken Birnbaum, a lawyer. Frieda Birnbaum, a psychologist, said she will take about a month off work to take care of the boys with the help of two live-in nannies.

Birnbaum said she had received messages of support from women all over the world and predicted that women will continue to give birth at older and older ages.

"I didn't know I was this old, that I was doing anything that unique," she said.

Birnbaum, who has three other children including a 6-year-old, has been criticized by her 29-year-old daughter for giving birth so late in life. The daughter has said she worries about whether her mother will be able to care of the twins when they are in their teens, but Birnbaum says she is teaching her children a valuable life lesson.

"When you make yourself happy, you can teach your children to be happy," Birnbaum said.