Police ID Second Body Found in Attack on California Family

California police have identified the second of two badly burned bodies discovered near an Irvine hiking trail as the father of a daughter who was also killed, and whose wife was beaten.

Police believe the same suspects are also responsible for torching the family's home.

"We really don't know what the killers' intent was," Sgt. Rick Martinez of the Anaheim Police Department told FOX News. "This was a very savage attack and right now we're going in a lot of different directions trying to identify not only who the suspects are but what was the motive on this thing."

Officials wouldn't say how Jayprakash Dhanak, 56, and his 20-year-old daughter Karishma were killed. Their bodies were discovered early Tuesday about 20 miles away from their home, which had been set on fire.

"This is a very brutal attack that took place on this family, and right now we’re still trying to sort a lot of pieces together and trying to figure out what took place in a five-hour span from when the original fire broke out to when the bodies were found 20 miles away," Martinez said.

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Autopsies were conducted Wednesday. Martinez said the father's body showed evidence of trauma, but he declined to provide details.

Martinez also wouldn't say how authorities identified Dhanak but said they were double-checking their findings against dental records.

Dhanak's wife, Leela, 53, remained hospitalized with serious injuries. She was found beaten unconscious late Monday outside the family's burning home.

"She still remains unconscious," Martinez told FOX News. "She suffered a tremendous beating."

The couple's younger daughter did not live at the Anaheim Hills home and was unharmed. Police have placed her in protective custody.

Authorities were continuing their investigation Thursday. They said they were looking for at least two suspects, based on witness accounts.

"We’re looking into a lot of different facets," Martinez said. "Whether this may have been related to their personal life. Whether it was related to professional dealings or perhaps it was something to do with other family members. Or did the victims actually even know who the suspects were?"

Police were also unsure where, when and how the father and daughter were killed.

But Martinez said local residents should not be alarmed for their own safety.

"We think that — in our minds — that the killers knew the suspects but what this dealing was over, we’re really not sure," he said.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.