Man Changes His Mind About Robbing a Bank and Waits for the Cops

We just love dumb criminals! Imagine being a bank teller and a man comes in and demands all the money. But then suddenly he turns, looks at you, and asks you to call the police while he waits on the curb! Bizarre, right? Well, this is exactly what happened at the First Financial Branch Bank in Erath County, Texas. Philip Stuart Martin changed his mind about robbing the bank and instead waited on the curb for the police to arrest him.

Don’t mess with U.S. representatives! Just ask the 18-year-old that tried to snatch New Jersey Representative Rodney Frelinghuysen's wallet out of his back pocket. Rep. Frelinghuysen said he felt the suspect take his wallet while he was walking in Washington’s Georgetown neighborhood. Frelinghuysen immediately chased the young man down. Two police officers nearby made the arrest.

Imagine trying to get a divorce and discover you that you can’t? What? Well, a New York couple that has been married for 37 years has been denied a divorce. Mrs. Gross claimed that Mr. Gross, who’s in his 70's, forced himself on her sexually and she wants out of the marriage. The appellate court ruled that in marriages of long duration a high degree of proof of cruel and inhuman treatment is necessary and in this case, it wasn’t there.

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