Wind Pushes Illinois Warehouse Blaze to Surrounding Buildings

Fire engulfed at least two warehouses in a Harvey industrial park Thursday, and high winds sent heavy black smoke and hot embers over the area, officials said.

Flames shot into the air and smoke blown over nearby residential neighborhoods could be seen from miles away, but no injuries were immediately reported, city spokeswoman Sandra Alvarado said.

Some of the embers fell into fields and lots in and around the industrial park, sparking small spot fires.

The first fire broke out around noon in a warehouse at the former Allied Tube & Conduit company, consuming multiple buildings at that site before jumping to a building across the street, Harvey Fire Department Chief Jason Bell told the Chicago Tribune.

Alvarado said the second building was believed to still be in use, but if people were inside when the fire began, they all got out safely.

Several area fire companies responded to the blaze and firefighters could be seen spraying water from tankers brought into the industrial park.

"They are doing their very best to contain it to the ... block that it began in," Alvarado said.

Officials shut down traffic in the affected area of Harvey, about 20 miles south of Chicago.

Executives with the parent company of Allied Tube & Conduit said the warehouse was sold 10 years ago to a trucking company.

It was unclear if that company, Cresco Lines Inc., still owns the building. Representatives could not immediately be reached for comment.

"These buildings over here were in the process of being sold between two different companies, so who actually has ownership, we don't know at this point," Alvarado said.