Griffs Notes 5/23/07

They were back at again on The View today – with the girls calling each other “cowardly” and Joy Behar begging for a commercial break after dropping a proverbial nuke in the middle of the girlchat-turn-catfight forum.

I hate to offer this endorsement to a competitor, but folks, this is the best television I’ve seen in a long time. Who wants Dancing with the Stars when you can have them fighting over geopolitical issues?!

Here’s how it began: Joy Behar noted that she watched former Veep Al Gore telling Larry King that he wasn’t getting into the Presidential race because he felt global warming was too important. Behar said she was “furious” Gore wasn’t running because President Bush was the worst leader ever and we need to get out of Iraq. Here’s Behar’s laundry list of Bush’s qualifications as the worst Prez ever:

Stole the election in 2000, Killed the surplus, Tried to privatize social security, Withdrew us from Kyoto, John Ashcroft (whatever that means?), Read “My Pet Goat” to kids for 7 minutes after learning of the attacks of 9/11, Lied to get us in the war in Iraq, Gave contracts to Halliburton, Gave us Brownie – remember Good Job, Brownie after Katrina, Refused to listen to the Iraq Study Group, Choked on a pretzel, Waited a week to visit New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, Stood by Alberto Gonzales, Stood by Donald Rumsfeld, and can’t pronounce the word “nuclear.”

“He needs to be thrown out, “ Behar concluded.

Things quickly delved into chaos and the bomb throwing between the cute preggers Hasselbeck and the “Big Fat Lesbian Rosie” (her own words, not mine) began with repeated attempts at cutting to commercial by others present in the Christmas village.

Rosie and Elisabeth continued to fight over the war in Iraq and I’d dare say that if Elisabeth keeps up her passion and defense of the administration then my old boss Tony Snow may find himself looking for work soon!

One thing is clear: the political debate over the leadership of our country has become so polluted and poisoned that something has to give. This debate has even spilled over into my blog inbox…

After my first posting, I got several emails both condemning and defending Rosie. Here’s one that supported her:

“I love Rosie and support her. You have her words all twisted and wrong. That is exactly why I don’t watch you anymore… GO ROSIE!” wrote Wendi.

And one supporting me:

Way to go Griff and the rest of FOX News… I hate to use her antics with a personal attack, but she is a total NUTCASE,” wrote Emily.

Already today, I had numerous emails wondering what I would have to say about today’s fracas.

I am looking forward to your take on today's poison-mouthed venom from O'Donnell. Who is driving the bus on the View? Rosie is!” wrote Anne.

So here’s my take on it: No Comment.

I believe that dialogue in this very important issue over the direction of the country is vital and very much needed at this time. Therefore, I will choose to leave it up to you – the readers – to tell me what you think. Tomorrow, I will offer some reflections and post many of your comments.

I look forward what you all have to say – We Report, You Decide!

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