Pain At the Pump: Coping With Soaring Gas Prices

The two-week record setting gas prices have swelled the price at the pump to more than $3 per gallon in most states.

A survey of 800 gas stations by the federal Energy Information Administration found the average gasoline price to be a record breaking $3.22 per gallon.

EIA leader Guy Caruso warned that relief from mounting gasoline prices will not happen until June. "We are expecting that things should improve in June," he said. "We still have some more of the wholesale [gasoline] prices to pass through [to the pump]. We're not at the peak yet."

With no end to the increasing price at the pump in sight, commuters and vacationers may have to find a new way to travel. READ MORE

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Here's what FOX Fans are Saying!

“Fortunately for me, I live near a co-worker and we carpool every week. This way, only one of us has the burden of painfully filling our tank each week. It has saved us both about $40 to $50 a month. I know it isn't easy for most people to carpool, but even if you can car pool one day a week, it saves fuel and if you alternate who is going to drive each week, than everyone saves a little” — Wendy (Cincinnati, OH)

“The price of gasoline is not connected to the usage of gasoline in that most Americans need their car to go to work. The only outcome in raising the price of gasoline will be to limit spending in other sections of the economy, causing a recession!” — Joe

“I am a father of three girls. I can't afford to let them play in summer sports because of the fuel prices. It's getting to the point where I am worried if I will make it till next payday to fill my truck up. They say that the demand is up, but people are driving the same as they did in earlier years. Nobody is going on vacations as much and driving cross-country as much, but they say demand is up! The oil companies are making record profits, sitting in their fancy homes with no worries in the world while we suffer and struggle. It's not right and not fair.” — William

”This type of commodity price increase forces people to explore new and different technologies. It hurts a little at first, but will feel a lot better when we aren't so dependent.” — Justin

“Let's all boycott Exxon/Mobile gas stations until the prices comes down to $2 a gallon. Put your Mobile card in your reserve drawer until the price comes down to $2/gal. If they are forced to bring down their prices, other stations will have to follow. Exxon/Mobile makes billions of dollars in profit each quarter, more than any other American company. Let's hit them where they'll feel it the most. Commit to this decision now” — Fred (Deer Park, IL)

“These gas prices are hard on everyone except for the very rich. They take away from the food at the house and they keep you from visiting sick and dying relatives. We are in the hands of the oil companies and foreign countries. God help us, we need a technical break through for an alternative fuel. The gas companies have the money for this research.” — Gary (Tomball, TX)

“I send my kids to private schools, one in high school and two in middle school. They don't have bus service so we drive a lot! We cannot reduce our driving and our gas bill is now over $900/mo. We simply cannot buy anything else.” — Alex (For Worth, TX)

“I hope gas prices jump up to $10 a gallon. Maybe then people will actually get upset enough to do something about it. There is no reason for gas prices to be this high and the powers that continue to ignore the problem. Until a majority of us are forced to put gas in our cars or food on the table nothing will change. Alternative fuels, more efficient cars, and technology help reduce our dependence on not only oil but foreign oil. We need to bring more light to oil lobbyists and the business practices of oil companies. These terrorists that we are fighting are being funded at our gas pumps. Wake up America.” — Scott

“These oil companies are nothing but GREEDY! Ever since Hurricane Katrina they are ALWAYS looking for excuses to raise the gas and oil prices. Not only are the oil companies screwing us, our own government is too, from George Bush to the local gas station who is doing his greedy part by price gouging.” — W

“I am a middle-school math teacher. This summer I will not volunteer for math tutoring because I have to drive an hour each way. Since I am not reimbursed for travel, the cost of gas will make it too expensive.” — Michael

“I have a 40 minute commute to and from school everyday for a summer class. I've made a deal with the teacher where she puts the Power Points for her lecture online and I download them and respond with questions or comments instead of actually driving to campus on some days. I've not been able to spend money on anything but gas to get to class! How ridiculous that this is necessary?” — William

“We now consolidate trips, we don't go for rides in the country, we drive slower, anything to use less. I certainly hope the majority of U.S. consumers do the same. I would like to say that I believe one of the big problems is the shortage of refineries. Big oil companies don't want to build more as it would cost them billions, and they're making billions now, so why bother!” — William

”I think the US refineries should shut down for 48 hours and maybe that would wake the American people up to start demanding politicians allow and encourage more refineries and drilling start immediately.” — Max (New Alban, IN)

“I hear the people in the Middle East are paying less than $0.50 per gallon. Our military is over there trying to help them, our kids are dying over there for them, why are we being punished? Someone is getting major rich and it's not the American people ... except maybe GW Bush.” — David

“Prices go up and prices go down. It is an internationally traded commodity people! We all have to get from place to place and too many people refuse to give up their gas guzzling SUVs and won't allow additional drilling or refineries. Stop complaining. We have it cheap compared to the rest of the world. Think about what bottled water costs compared to gas and the costs associated in producing the two commodities. People need to get a clue.” — Mark

“Apparently $9 billion isn't enough for a quarter. Anyone who doesn't believe we are being gouged is an idiot, an oil executive or both. There are laws protecting us from this during tragedies but apparently not during everyday life. I'm getting 25 miles to the "GALLON OF GREED" but even then, I will not take a trip or run an errand that isn't absolutely necessary. You can't hide behind supply and demand when you control the reigns of supply. When it costs as much to fill your lawn mower as it once did to fill your car, we are in big trouble. STOP THE GREED!” — Mark

“My hat is off to the gentleman who is shutting off his pumps on Thursday. If Congress keeps refusing to acknowledge the high prices and does not do anything about them, maybe it is time for the American people to step up and start fighting the companies who keep showing record profits quarter after quarter.” — Ina (Jackson, MO)

“The gas companies are stiffing us with there accuses for production rate, just so they can raise the price of gas and put many of millions more dollars into there pocket. So I leave my nice ride in the driveway and ride my bike or walk to many places close by just to boycott the gas companies for stiffing the American public.” — Steve

“As a single parent I am limited; the fun things are being cut back in order to drive to school and work. We are trying to do more things around the house and keep our driving to a minimum. You have to wonder how and where the next cuts will come from.” — Perry (Uniontown, OH)

“How are we coping with high gas prices? Easy, we just don't go anywhere unnecessarily. No more joy rides, no more long distance vacations, put simply we stay put! Kudos to the gas station owner for protesting, every gas station in America should follow suit … shut the pumps! Maybe then Congress and the president will get the hint we are fed up with the ridiculous gas hikes every year since 9/11.” — Hope (Oak Creek, WI)