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The blog is so, so, so, so short this morning because I must leave very shortly for the airport — try 6 a.m. ET and I did not get home from work until midnight and had to pack, etc. — so the blog is short. It is mostly your work today — your e-mails — with some short answers from me.

I hope you watched our show last night. We were lucky to have FOX News' Jennifer Griffin in the bureau last night to talk about Lebanon. As you may know, she recently moved back to the United States with her family. She has spent so much time in the Middle East — now she is our Pentagon correspondent — that her reporting on the topic is unequaled. There is no substitute for experience. You can read a great deal about a topic and learn a lot, but there is no really substitute for living and breathing it. She has done this.

After our Lebanon segment ended last night we — including General Scales — talked briefly about the refugee camps. I have seen so much video of the camps over the years, but you can tell that it is one subject that video does not capture completely. You really need to walk a refugee camp to totally get what they are like. General Scales, like Jennifer, is rich with experience and has been to the refugee camps, too. (And yes, General Scales is another favorite of mine, but you all know that if you have followed the show and the blog for years.)

Several hours before the show Jennifer also stopped in my office and we talked about Lebanon. I got a chance to get many of my questions answered. As an aside, if the violence in Lebanon grows, I hope FOX drafts her to go back to Lebanon to cover it. I think it would be a smart idea. I know as a viewer I would like it.

Don't forget to watch our show tonight — live from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library . And no one correctly guessed who we are interviewing there on Wednesday morning!

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Hi Greta,
Wow, even Ozzy on the show! Quick question — is there anyone that you would love to meet and/or interview (or cover a story on), that you haven't done thus far? Just curious.
You're the greatest, every week is better than the last!
Best as always,

ANSWER: Leann, I have been so lucky in that I have had such a wide range of interviews to do. I don't have an answer to your specific question, but I would have liked to have interviewed President Richard Nixon.

But I'll throw this back at you — and other readers of the blog — who would you like to see me interview?

E-mail No. 2

Greta — you're misssing a big one in California at the Nixon Library on Thursday, 24 May. Give up????? It's Newt!! He will be there for a private reception, that I am attending, and he is going to speak about his new book, "Pearl Harbor"! Now, that is where your cameras should be! (Seriously — even Chris Matthews and "Hardball" aren't going to be there! Nixon Library is in Yorba Linda, Calif). Hope to meet you there!
Judie Yost

ANSWER: You are right… I will miss the former speaker since I will have left the Reagan Library by then. The former speaker stopped in my office today and we talked for a few minutes and neither of us mentioned our respective trips to the Reagan Library… he did not know I am going today and I did not know he will be there Thursday.

E-mail No. 3

Still can not believe you actually interviewed Virgie Arthur. You have stooped to an all-time low. Do not watch your show anymore.
Sheila Duclos

ANSWER: I can't believe that one interview would run you off. As for me, I like to watch all sorts of interviews — including those with whom I might not agree.

Did you see our Internet show from the South Carolina Presidential Debate? My co-host for 30 minutes was none other than Griff Jenkins. We all love Griff… check out the next e-mail about Griff and click here to check out the pic in question. What a great pic of Griff! This e-mail is from a loyal FOX viewer who e-mails me often. And yes, many at FOX — not including yours truly — have other talents. You can see Griff's in action!

E-mail No. 4

Hi Greta,
Got a nice e-mail from Griff Jenkins. We became friends during Tony's radio days when I would send in funny items [Cheesehead humor stuff]. Anyway he thinks you are the greatest. And he may be the only person I know who would actually relish the crazy schedule you keep.
Anyway, I am writing to show you the photo he sent me. Yes, that is Griff. On Tony's show his nickname was "Surfer Boy". You can see from the photo, he came by his name honestly.
Take care,
John Bailey

E-mail No. 5

I still say the murder in Lancaster is very similar to that of Michelle Young: same time of night, similar neighborhood, wooded lots, no theft, no breaking and entering, no weapon, violent, repeated stab wounds... and one daughter was allowed to live in both cases.

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