Road Trip with Martha MacCallum

The countdown to You Decide 2008 continues, and the "Live Desk with Martha MacCallum" is going on the road to join presidential contenders from both parties on the campaign trail.

First stop: South Carolina with Mitt Romney. He discusses everything with Martha from his favorite book to his response to critics who call him a flip-flopper.

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Find out why Mitt thinks his religion isn't an issue, and the little song he sings to keep his spirits up.

Second stop: New Hampshire with Bill Richardson. He discusses everything with Martha from his executive experience to reasons why some say he's not "presidential" enough.

WEB EXCLUSIVE: From his announcement on The Daily Show to his dream of playing baseball in the big leagues, Bill reveals his lighter side to Martha.

Up Next: Check back to find out!

Your Turn to Ask the Questions:

What question would you like to ask any of the 2008 contenders? Tell Martha, and she might ask it for you on her next road trip! Send your question to and tell her what question you have for a particular candidate or all the candidates. Be sure to include your name and hometown.