Battle of the Presidents: Carter vs. Bush

On Saturday, former President Carter made controversial statements about the current administration, saying, "I think as far as the adverse impact on the nation around the world, this administration has been the worst in history."

On NBC's, "The Today Show," Carter said his comments, "were interpreted as comparing this whole administration to all other administrations when what I was actually doing was responding to a question about foreign policy between [President Richard] Nixon and this administration, and I think that this administration's foreign policy compared to Nixon's was much worse. ... I wasn't comparing this administration with other administrations throughout history but just with President Nixon's."

The White House spokesman, Tony Fratto, responded to Carter's statements, by saying, "I think it's sad that President Carter's reckless personal criticism is out there [...] And I think he is proving to be increasingly irrelevant with these kinds of comments." READ MORE

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

“Carter is a self confessed liar, so why should anyone believe such a man that when in the presidency was like a reed blowing in the wind, without enough backbone to even stand for his own beliefs. No matter if you love or hate the current President Bush, at least he stands for what he believes in … Carter did not.” — Rocky (Lakeview, AR)

“I commend President Carter on speaking the thoughts of millions of United States citizens ... 'The Bush Administration is the worst in U.S. history.'” — Babette

”While I was not surprised by the former president's remarks, I think we should take them with a grain of salt. After all, hasn't the public and history already judged his presidency as the worst in United States history? Perhaps Mr. Carter was simply trying to deflect the less than positive way history has judged his time in office.” — Steve

“To those of us who lived under Carter's administration, his words are absolutely ridiculous. He may have been a nice man but he was an absolutely terrible leader and his actions into politics since then have not been anything to brag about. I remember high interest rates on mortgages and thank goodness, he wasn't in charge on 9/11.” — M. (Charlotte, NC)

“I think that President Carter has a right to say what he did. He is a citizen of the United States and can question our leaders. Anyone can question their leaders, it is our responsibility to question them. I believe that he is being attacked just because he is a former president, that is all.” — Michael (Pennsylvania)

“I think Carter is absolutely right. I'm glad he has the courage to speak out.” — Ed

“How can anyone slam Carter for stating the obvious? It always amuses me how Bush followers continue to follow this idiot no matter how bad it gets. And I don't care if he is 'President'; he's a fool! A disgrace to the Office of President and to the United States of America!” — Perry

“It is sad that a president would and probably will keep making statements which actually add more fuel to a seemingly ever-burning fire. Whatever happened to the 'old days' when people made an 'effort' to keep a positive atmosphere? Radical fundamentalists love to hear of internal strife … it lessens their load and gives them 'invisible' ammunition. Do not ever forget the people who die for us on a daily basis, allowing us to make such remarks.” — Leonard

“I'm wiping the tears away from laughter at the notion of Jimmy Carter calling any administration the worst he has seen. He would only need to remember his own disastrous four years of inflation and high interest rates. If it weren't for old Jimmy boy, the Middle East would not be such a mess after his debacle of Iran. Why can't Carter and Clinton just fade away into retirement like most ex-presidents? I think the White House has it right, Jimmy Carter is irrelevant, including his presidency.” — Chas

“Imagine! Jimmy Carter, of all people, calling George Bush the worst president in history! Sounds like someone who is desperate to put that title on someone else.” — Robert (Ormond Beach, FL)

“Another instance wherein the only thing that seems to matter is, which political party can top the other and gain POWER. There are such grave and immediate issues facing us that need immediate attention and deep foresight to solve and the best our leaders can do is call names and try to get votes.” — John

“Former President Carter has continually bashed sitting Republican presidents and the press has continued to cover it. Just because he is a former leader of this country does not mean that I have to respect what he says. He had his chance at being relevant while he was in office and failed miserably.” — Jan

“I think his original comments were more on point and correct than when he later tried to explain them. It is his place to comment on what he thinks about the current administration and I think he has more experience than most to be insightful in making his comments.” — Yvonne

“Carter could not be more correct.” — Julie

”Good for Carter. I'm glad he is speaking strongly on the topic of foreign policy. The present administration has intensified an already adversarial atmosphere in Israel and Palestine where a serious engagement with diplomatic efforts, as in past administrations, would have been greatly advantageous to all concerned. There are too many people in the Bush administration who feel that the U.S. has to be bellicose and intimidating in order to resolve deeply devisive issues. The failures in Iraq are an example that hammers should be left in the toolkit and used only when absolutely necessary.” — Hugh

“Consider the source. Mr. Carter has the distinct honor of holding the position of the "worst president" this country has ever had, both foreign and domestic. There was a time that I, at least, had respect for him with his work on habitat for humanity. Now, I have nothing but disgust for him. He needs to quietly fad away from the public eye.” — Sharon (Houston, TX)

“I find President Carter's comments unfortunate. For years, he has established himself as a man of dignity, worthy of his nation's respect. The charitable work he has done since he left the presidency should be seen as his greatest legacy. I hope that citizen Carter can step back, and stop trying to get attention. It's not serving him well.” — Dallas (Columbia Falls, MO)

“Sad to see that this man was able to con so many Americans to vote him as President. He has disgraced himself and our country world wide with his actions and comments. I am sure that if President Bush acted more like Hugo Chavez, Carter's opinion of him would be different.” — Brian (Nevada County, CA)

“President George W. Bush will go down in history as one of the best. Jimmy Carter has gone down in history as the absolute worst!” — Ed

”The former president's remarks are extraordinary for two reasons. First, a former president had publicly lambasted a sitting president. Lucky for Carter that Nixon and Ford did not take the time to chronicle the innumerable misfortunes of the Carter administration. Skyrocketing inflation, scores of the military on welfare and the market in the doldrums. Dark days indeed. Second, a former president who never formulated a foreign policy find it within his purview to critique a president that has bothered to have one!” — Kelly (Seabrook, TX)

”I think President Carter is absolutely correct. President Bush's term cannot run out fast enough before we alienate the rest of the world. He's a man who I see as trying to be a bully to the world, not a leader.” — Mary

“President Carter never has been and never will be irrelevant. His comments were merely criticism, nothing reckless about it. And he is historically and factually correct. This administration's foreign policy has been more detrimental to our nation's relationship with several other countries than almost any administration in American history.” — Terri

“I find it extremely frustrating that a man who had not only questionable foreign policies, but extremely damaging domestic policies could even begin to criticize another president. Isn't this the same president whose domestic policies and budgeting lead to double digit unemployment, record high interest rates, and unbelievable complacency and lack of patriotism during his administration?” — Tim

“Ex-President Carter should be the last person to discuss Middle Eastern Policies. Iran would not be our arch nemesis if it were not for Carter. In fact, many of the Middle Eastern issues can be tied back to Carter's ineptitude in handling Iran.” — Chris

“President Carter has grown careless in his speech and absent-minded in his recollection of his administration. It is just poor taste for a former president to criticize any current president. Mr. Carter does not remember the invasion of Afghanistan, the Olympics we boycotted, or the Iran hostage situation. Convenient lapse of memory!” — Steven

“I was very happy to read the responses of former President Jimmy Carter. Here is a great man of principle with a brilliant mind and big heart speaking out about the current president who is pretentious, unprincipled and un-feeling toward our military personnel and the countries of the world.” — Franklin (San Diego, CA)

“I was appalled by Jimmy Carter's comments!! I agree that the current GOP in Washington has let the government get too big, without enough constraints on renegade senators and Congressmen, but no other president since Roosevelt has had to deal with the problems President Bush has had to deal with. At least President Bush acted and has stuck it out doing what he committed to do to protect America.” — David

”I would like to see President Carter stand firm with what he said and not polish it. The United States, which was once admired by so many, is hated by many more as a result of President Bush's arrogance and unwillingness to compromise. It is acceptable for President Carter to speak the truth, as he has done in the past, even though it may not be palatable to the current administration to hear.” — Linda

“Regardless of what he intended, or what he was trying to spin out of his post comment comments, President Carter hit the nail right on the head the first time. The current administration is a foreign policy disaster from which this country will be decades recovering from.” — Frederick Lord (Windsor, VT)

”President Bush is the best president in my lifetime. Besides contributing significant momentum to our now booming economy, he has valiantly worked (even against 'popular' sentiment) to rebuild and improve our military, rebuild and improve our intelligence agencies, and to engage the enemy of the US and all of free world ... the radical, fascist, Islamic terrorists.” — Dave (Buda, TX)

“I don't understand why it is such a big deal what President Carter said about Bush. He was just saying what everyone else believes, he is the worst president our country has ever had. He will not listen to the people, the Congress or the Senate; he acts like a dictator not responsible to anyone.”— K

“Former President Carter should try following the tradition of former Presidents not speaking in a controversial way about the current administration. In addition, he should remember that his approval ratings while in office were even lower that the current president.” — Judith (Spring, TX)

“I think President Carter does not have any room to talk. I grew up when he was president and remember his presidency. It was just awful. Interest was up to 18 percent, gas prices were awful and his administration did not know what foreign policy was. How can he say this when he has such an awful record? — Donice (Charleston, SC)