New Poll Is Bad News for Democrats

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The new FOX News/Opinion Dynamics poll is out, and it confirms an interesting phenomena which I've seen in other recent polls. This bit of information is something of a head-scratcher at first glance, but upon reflection may make a lot of plain old common sense. This is bad news, and it's for Democrats.

Dems, you now own the Congress. It's called a Democrat Congress. The flag flying over the Capitol dome has a donkey on it. You wanted it, you got it.

The poll results show Bush's approval rating is actually higher than Congress — the Democrat Congress. Now considering the margin of error, one might say they're tied in a dead heat. But even so, for a party that is riding in to save the country from the evil George Bush it is not good to be stuck in the same miserably low approval rating posted by the guy you're trashing.

The Democrats would have you believe that the country wants them to run things and has empowered them to tell Bush the war is over and he is no longer the commander in chief and they will run the war until we actually leave.

The Democrats would have you believe that the country wants them to come to Washington and straighten out the immigration mess and slap down what one Dem thinker called the yahoos who think the country's borders ought to be actual borders.

So how come their approval rating is so low when they come to Washington and do just what they think the country wants? Is it because the polls are wrong? Or because they're wrong.

The Democrats believe that their righteous hatred of Bush and the war has conferred upon them enlightened wisdom on all matters, and that when they speak the masses will rise and follow.

Evidently not so. At least by the latest polling. How else to explain an approval rating in the same abysmal depths as a lame duck president mired in a bitterly unpopular war?

We all get it when it comes to why people are ticked at Bush. But don't the Dems have some soul-searching to do about why people so blessed with wisdom and courage and the foresight to be on the right side of history are dissed by the country at the same rate the country disses George Bush?

If you notice high-fiving Democrats becoming a little cranky over the next few weeks, this might be why.

That's My Word.

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