Missing in Action: Why Won't the Dems Debate on FOX?

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I read online last night that the Democratic National Committee has specifically excluded FOX News Channel from all their sanctioned Democratic presidential candidate debates.

I thought — what a great opportunity for one of the candidates. If I were running for president on the Democratic ticket, I would pick up the phone and call the head of FOX and say, "I am not afraid of you, your network or your questions. I want tough questions, even from those with whom I think I might disagree. If a president can't take questions from those with whom you disagree, can you take them from North Korea? When I am president, I am going to represent ALL Americans — I am even going to represent those with whom I might have some disagreements. So, have at it! Pick a date, pick your interrogators... and I will be there!"

Can you imagine being the sole candidate to show up and stand behind the podium for 90 minutes taking the questions? No campaign could afford such great advertising!

Three other things: The Republican candidates for president on Tuesday in South Carolina got grilled by FOX; there are plenty of Democrats and liberals at FOX and the Republicans were not too chicken to be grilled by Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann.

I would like to see the Democratic candidates on FOX debating each other or just taking questions alone. I want to hear what they have to say. There are serious questions facing our nation and I want to know their ideas and my options.

One other thing: I don't want my president to harbor a grudge that could get in the way of great opportunity — diplomacy can avoid giant problems.

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