God Hates Jerry Falwell? Westboro Church Thinks So

The highly controversial church, Westboro Baptists of Topeka, Kan., plans to "preach" at the funeral of Rev. Jerry Falwell, in the same way they do for military funerals.

On the church's website, Godhatesamerica.com, it says it will preach at the "memorial service of the corpulent false prophet Jerry Falwell, who spent his entire life prophesying lies and false doctrines like 'God loves everyone.'"

The 70-member church, led by the Rev. Fred Phelps, has protested the military funerals of U.S. troops, believing that their deaths are God's punishment for America's tolerance of homosexuality. READ MORE

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Here's what FOX Fans are Saying:

“I believe that all people are entitled to their opinions and having the 1st Amendment to protect those views is a wonderful and unique thing in the history of humanity. Contorting that privilege to broadcast messages of hate and intolerance really strains the point of free speech to the breaking point. But since the WBC covets the 1st Amendment so much, when Fred Phelps finally passes away (and not a day too soon) I hope that they have a funeral. If they truly believe in what they say, they probably won't. But I hope that they do. Because I'll be there. And I'll be sure to have a large sign with me. I'm thinking 'Thank God for Dead Phelps,' but I haven't decided yet. Maybe 'Fred Dooms Idiots' or 'Fred Dropped Dead.' Something. Only because… it's my 1st Amendment right as an American.” — John

“These folks are absolutely out of line with the teachings of Jesus Christ. One read of the New Testament should give us enough insight to see that WBC does not follow his teachings. They have their own brand of Christianity, one in which vilifies anything that does not fit their worldview. If they truly looked at the world through God's eyes, they would show compassion for all people, not spew hate at fellow believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. For, 'all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God,' but they have obviously not understood that. I attend a Baptist church, and I can tell you that WBC does not teach what I am taught at my church. If anything, they have demonized themselves and have become a mockery.” — Daniel

“We are a country of free speech and freedom of religion and you have been given that right by many young American soldiers who died to give you those freedoms. God is not punishing America by killing our courageous young people. Since the beginning of this great country, people have sacrificed themselves for America and freedom. Dying is a part of that sacrifice. The type of hatred that they spew gives those of us who are Christian and follow Jesus a bad name with those who are not believers. You do not have the right to go the funeral of Jerry Falwell, dead American soldiers, or anyone when those families are grieving. They deserve respect and privacy.” — Diana

“I just want to ask the Westboro Church if they have read the Bible (Old and New Testament). The God of the Bible is a loving God. He only hates sin. It is a fact that all people sin, but God's heart is still to love them. That is why he sent Jesus here to pay the penalty for sin, for each of us. A God who hates the human race would never die for them …would He?” — Bo (Marietta, GA)

“Who is this Rev. Phelps to judge others? He is just a man! And to his congregation, shame on you for allowing "a man" to put nonsense like this in your heads. And of all things, demonstrating at soldiers' funerals — that is so sad. We as Americans need to band together and pray for our military and their families … not tear them down!” — Angela (Ohio)

“Please keep giving this man as much airtime as possible. The more exposure he receives, the more regular Americans will get to see this miserable excuse for a human being. This way, Americans can see a perfect view of what hatred, bigotry and self-loathing really look like” — J.E. (Dallas, TX)

“Please take a very long swim in the ocean. A verry long one.” — Tom (Pennsylvania)

“As a serving member of the United States Army, I would tell them that they're very welcome that people like myself and everyone else who wears this nation's uniform for the freedom to air their opinions in public the way they do. And I'd ask them to remember that the next time they gave those opinions voice at a service member's funeral.” — James (Fort Bliss, TX)

“One wonderful thing about America,is we do have the right to worship as we choose. We have the right to be wrong also. There are extreme radical groups in this country. It does not mean they are correct.” — Helen (Dayton, OH)

“I am writing as a born again Christian, who loves the Lord, and reads His Word. I am shocked and embarrassed that this radical church group even exists. They obviously have taken scripture out of context.” — Deb (Tivoli, NY)

“After reading what they said, I sure we call all figure out who the 'false prophet' is. Really sad, an entire church going straight to hell. Excuse me, a building full of people, not a church” — Mac (Tennessee)

“They're partially right, there is a GOD, but they're not HIM.” — Chris

“First of all, I would like to point out that those who are protesting Jerry Falwell's funeral are the same people that protest our soldiers' funerals who have been killed in Iraq, defending the right for protestors to have freedom of speech. It is sad to see people claiming to be Christian with such hate — this is not what Jesus taught. I am not a liberal. I am a very conservative Christian who finds the hateful way these people conduct themselves not showing Christ in the correct way. Jesus and God do hate sin, but they do not hate the sinner. ” — Jeanne

“Once again, the news media puts a microphone in front of this extremely offensive group, so the entire country can hear their message. There is no 'news' in this story. All they have to do is something outrageous and the whole county is subjected to their message, because news stations turn it into a headline. What other 70 member group can get national attention several times a year?” — Jody (Michigan)

“Our country is trying to pass laws against racial and ethnic slurs that they consider 'hate speech' but these people can say that they are glad our soldiers were butchered and mock the sovereignty of our country … but it is still considered 'free speech.' Their anti-Christian and anti-American propaganda sounds no different than a terrorist” — Charles

“There's no dignifying that nonsense.” — Karen (Delaware)

“ I am all for debating any issue if there is any possibility of changing someone's mind. That will never happen with this group. ” — Michael

“Geesh, to paraphrase the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz, “….what a world, what a world…” It saddens me to think that this wacked-out Baptisterrorists from Kansas, (is THAT coincidental or what?), uses the word Christianity, because apparently they have missed the boat regarding Christ and his message to the world.” — Suzi

“God does not hate Falwell. HE has fury in HIS face over things that are happening in America. These people do not represent the God of born again Christians. They represent the discord and hate of Satan. One thing for certain, GOD will be the final judge.” — Marilyn