Supermarkets Will Stop Selling Cough Medicine to Teens

Giant Food and three other supermarket chains on the East Coast are going to stop selling certain cough medicines to customers under age 18 because teenagers have abused the products.

Beginning Sunday, retail pharmacies in Giant stores will join other grocery chains owned by Royal Ahold in restricting the sales of over-the-counter medicines containing dextromethorphan, a common ingredient in cough syrups, pills and lozenges.

Among the products containing D-X-M are Robitussin Maximum Strength Cough Suppressant, Vicks 44 Cough Relief and Sucrets 8 Hour Cough Suppressant, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Maryland-based Giant Food operates 186 supermarkets in the District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

The policy also applies to other chains along the East Coast owned by Netherlands-based Royal Ahold, including Stop and Shop stores, Tops Markets and Giant Food Stores in Pennsylvania.