Stupid Criminals: Don't Drink and Rob

Intoxicated Robbers

A word of advice to future dumb criminals…if you’re going to rob someone’s house, don’t get drunk and pass out from drinking their liquor! You will get caught! The owner of the house in Bear, Delaware came home to find one man in his kitchen slumped over his island surrounded by several empty bottles and another man was passed out in the basement.

Trying to have her cake and eat it too!

Another bizarre criminal story in Onslow County, North Carolina…a woman turns herself in for the robbery of the local Bank of America and then asks for the reward money! Onslow County Sheriff, Ed Brown came on my show to tell us if she will get it.

Where’s the puppy?

If you’re going to sell puppies at a yard sale, make sure they belong to you! A man in Little Rock, Arkansas sold a Dachshund puppy to a couple for $15. The only problem is, the puppy wasn’t his to sell. The dog belonged to the man’s neighbor and now they aren’t sure where to find the couple that purchased the dog.

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