Man Is Electrocuted After Urinating on a PlayStation 2

I did a story today on a group of kids from the University of Wyoming who got together to have fun with a new PlayStation 3. The owner of the game decided they should destroy the old PlayStation 2 because he wouldn’t need it anymore. One of his friends thought he would be funny and began to urinate on the game, but guess what…it was still plugged into the wall! He fell to the floor unconscious, but came to in about ten seconds and was rushed to the hospital.

How would you feel if you saved a man’s life and then he tried to have you arrested for assault? Well, that is what happened in Frenchtown, New Jersey to squad captain Patty Atheras. She was called to help revive an unconscious man. She began using the techniques of pain and loud yelling that she had been taught. When the man came to, he began yelling at her and then punched her in the face! Fortunately, the charge was only served as a complaint.

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