Joey Buttafuoco and Amy Fisher Are a Hot Topic Again!

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Good to be back in the studio today after spending Friday at Andrew's Air Force Base. Met so many great people on the road signing my book, "It's How You Play the Game," that I could not possibly mention you all and still have time to do the actual show. But it was a thrill to talk with you and get your take on the book and the show.

Found out you all really like the news and need to know what's happening but also love us to interject some fun and I hope we can continue to do both. As for today's shows it was all about the three missing soldiers and Joey and Amy. Yes, Joey Buttafuoco and Amy Fisher and their efforts to become a couple. How would you feel if you were his ex-wife with a bullet in her head from Amy and now Joey and the assailant are together? Ok, maybe it's a stunt, but maybe not. Sadly, Buttafuoco is from my hometown and once again interest will return to the case and they'll begin driving by his old house again.

Our worst guest in recent memory was booked at 7.30 by the name of Daniel Handler, author of "Lemony Snicket." He was hostile, sarcastic and rude from the get go and not sure why he even showed up. He will never be on again and I hope the rest of the channel follows our lead.

This week, my book tour spins out to Alabama: Birmingham, Alabama on Thursday at Books a Million and Friday at 2 p.m. local time at the Ross bridge Pro-Am Golf Classic. Also going to Maxwell in Montgomery to do Friday's "Fox & Friends." If you'd like to get my book "It's How You Play the Game," a book that will teach your kid lasting values and your parents and coaches perspective with sports go to to order and I'll personalize it for a birthday, Father's Day, or graduation. Tomorrow catch "Friends," among our guests is Newt Gingrich.


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