Fast Facts: Paul McNulty's Resignation Letter

Deputy Attorney General Paul McNultysaid Monday he will resign, the highest-ranking Bush administration casualty in the furor over the firing of U.S. attorneys. Below is the text of his letter.

Dear Attorney General Gonzales:

This is to advise you of my intention to step down from my position as Deputy Attorney General on a date to be determined in the late summer.

The financial realities of college-age children and two decades of public service lead me to a long overdue transition in my career.

I greatly appreciate the opportunity and privilege I have enjoyed for the past seven years to serve my country at the Department of Justice as both a United States Attorney and the Deputy Attorney General. The history of the Department will record the extraordinary challenge we faced after September II, 2001, and in particular, how those of us who served as United States Attorneys embraced our new mission of preventing another terrorist attack.

I am grateful for your friendship and support, and the tireless efforts of the men and women in the Office of the Deputy Attorney General. I look forward to working with you to ensure a smooth transition in my office.


Paul McNulty

Deputy Attorney General