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Question 1: On Monday, Nicolas Sarkozy defeated Segolene Royal by 53.06 percent to 46.94 percent, with an 85 percent voter turnout, in France's election for president. Of the following, what is NOT among the first things on the president-elect's agenda?

A. Making his country business-friendly
B. Invoking tougher measures on crime
C. Reducing illegal immigration
D. Leading in the fight against global warming

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Question 2: According to a new report released Monday, what recreation surpassed basketball as number one in sports-related eye injuries?

A. Darts
B. Fishing
C. Skeet shooting
D. Tennis

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Question 3: On Tuesday, Queen Elizabeth II honored American soldiers with a visit to the National World War II Memorial. A day earlier, the Queen was welcomed at the White House where President Bush had a slip of the tongue during a speech. What did he inadvertantly suggest about the Queen?

A. That she illegally bet on Street Sense in the Kentucky Derby
B. That she was over 230 years old
C. That she wears large, ugly hats
D. That she doesn't like Vice President Dick Cheney

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Question 4: Political analysts have suggested that the candidates in the 2008 presidential election quit worrying about age. As of now, who is the oldest contender in the race?

A. Sen. John Edwards
B. Sen. John McCain
C. Sen. Barack Obama
D. Sen. Hillary Clinton

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Question 5: According to a once-classified U.S. government report, an odd-looking, silver-colored 25-cent Canadian coin was the culprit behind the U.S. Defense Department's false espionage warning earlier this year. However, it turned out to be a special-issue quarter that commemorates the country's war dead. What distinct image is on the coin?

A. A neon green cross
B. A bright red flower
C. A black and white skull
D. A black mushroom cloud

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Question 6: On Wednesday, the first subtropical storm of the year formed off the southeastern U.S. Coast, more than three weeks before the official start of the Atlantic hurricane season. The year's first named storm had top sustained winds near 45 mph and was centered about 140 miles southeast of Savannah, Ga. What was the storm's name?

A. Amy
B. Andrea
C. Ashton
D. Atlantis

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Question 7: What restaurant chain is putting the green pot-bellied star of "Shrek" movies on a diet in a new ad campaign that features the cartoon character eating apple slices and salads rather than burgers and fries?

A. Wendy's
B. McDonald's
C. White Castle's
D. Burger King

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(Palestinian Media Watch)
Question 8: On Wednesday, Hamas militants suspended a TV program that featured a Mickey Mouse look-alike, urging Palestinian children to fight Israel and work for global Islamic domination. What was the character's name?

A. Ahmed
B. Butterfly
C. Abdullah the Terror Mouse
D. Squeak the Suicide Bomber

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Question 9: On Thursday, after a decade of rule, British Prime Minister Tony Blair announced that he is stepping down on June 27, and said he is moving to secure the party's future with a smooth transition to power. What is true of Blair?

A. At 43, he was the youngest prime minster of the 20th century elected
B. He fostered peace in Northern Ireland
C. His popularity declined when he entered the war in Iraq
D. All of the above

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Question 10: On Wednesday, shock jocks Opie and Anthony, who once broadcast a couple having sex in St. Patrick's Cathedral, used their satellite radio show to do what?

A. Make "jokes" about raping Condoleezza Rice
B. Call the Duke women's basketball team "nappy-headed hos"
C. Make racial slurs while mocking Asian American accents
D. Engage in lewd sexist language while conjuring up stereotypes about Muslims

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BONUS Question: Paris Hilton, the jail-bound socialite, rehired the publicist she blamed for the 45-day sentence. Hilton has called the sentence unfair, and her fans have posted a petition on the Internet urging Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to pardon her, citing what reason?

A. She's an heiress
B. She needs to attend "The Simple Life" premiere
C. Her public needs her
D. She's too pretty for jail

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