Tony Blair Announces He's Resigning as Prime Minister

After a decade of rule, British Prime Minister Tony Blair said he is stepping down on June 27.

The Thursday announcement showed Blair struggling to maintain his trademark broad grin, as he somberly said that he is moving to secure the party's future with a smooth transition to power.

Blair, elected in 1997, was the youngest prime minister of the 20th century. Among his accomplishments include helping bring an end to Northern Ireland's troubles, rising the British economy, and transforming the Labour Party; however, his popularity declined when he entered the war in Iraq. READ MORE

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Here's What FOX Fans Are Saying:

"I believe history will decide that PM Tony Blair did right by the English people. He faced many challenges, and in each case, he aspired to handle the situation as best as he was able. I respect him for the job he did and most especially, for being an ally that the United States could count on. Contrary to what some may think, he is his own man, and he proved it time after time." — Craig (Huntington Beach, CA)

"I think that Mr. Blair did quite well, both domestically and internationally. He will be missed. His stance on the war on terror and partnership with George Bush on that issue cost him dearly as the war became, to many, an unpopular cause. However, as the Islamic fascists gain more power and influence over the lives of the people of the free world, those who found the war unpopular will finally understand what Tony and George were talking about." — Philip (East Greenbush, NY)

"To the British people and others in the UK, he will always be the Bush lap dog. His policies of supporting the U.S. blindly will always be remembered as a failed foreign policy, which the next prime minister will have to try to undo." — Judy

"His legacy? For a brief time, he almost restored some semblance of British pride and courage in the face of the global killing campaigns of Islamic radicals. In the end, virulent political forces within and without Great Britain hobbled and overwhelmed his stewardship. His leaving comes with the reasonable certainty that the England we see tomorrow won't be the England that was willing to defend itself at all costs." — Stan

"History will record that Tony Blair was one of the best prime ministers the United Kingdom has ever had." — Michael (United Kingdom)

"Despite the longest period of growth and economic stability in the UK and increased money to the National Health Service and education, the people in Britain will only recall Blair as the man who took us to war in Iraq." — Sam

"I think Tony Blair's legacy, as well as President Bush's, will be their fight against terrorism and their efforts to keep their country's and citizens safe. I think history will be kinder to both these great leaders than current opinion. But I also think it will only be after catastrophic terror attacks on Britain and/or the United States that people truly understand their strategies of operating offensively rather than defensively." — Sheila (Georgia)

"I think Tony Blair will go down in history as one of Britain's most hard working and dedicated servant of all times. He went to work everyday for his people, and results will be his legacy. Job well done, Tony! Go and enjoy your golden years with your family and friends." — Karan (Alabama)

"I think Tony Blair was a great prime minister of Great Britain. He was a great public speaker and always defended his point of view and his decisions with clarity and conviction. He was a great ally for the United States and a gentleman to all. We will miss him as prime minister, but will always be thankful that we lived during his lifetime to see such a great leader and true gentleman positively influence Great Britain, the United States and many countries around the world." — LAW