Queen Elizabeth Receives Less Than Royal Treatment at Kentucky Derby

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She probably didn't hear it, but Britain's Queen Elizabeth II was booed after the Kentucky Derby.

I was in a crowd of race fans that were leaving the track who were all forced to wait behind a rope at the crosswalk on Central Avenue, outside Gate 1 at Churchill Downs. The area was frozen by police to allow the Queen's motorcade to make a fast exit from the track to the airport.

We stood there for several minutes, and things got a bit heated. Some of the rowdier and more impatient in the bunch began yelling at the cops and Army MP's holding them back.

"Let's go!"

"Let us through!".

"What's the holdup?"

"Get off my rope!" One soldier yelled when some people started tugging on it. A couple of drunks in the bunch went under it, to try and cross the street, and were threatened with arrest.

Then, a series of black SUVs with flashing dash lights began rolling by, filled with the Queen's security detail. That's when the boos rang out, as loud as any Yankee fan yelling at Manny Ramirez.

And then I saw Her Majesty, sitting in the back seat of one of the vehicles, still wearing her Derby hat, waving at the crowd. It was the only glimpse that most of us would get of the first reigning monarch to attend the Run for the Roses.

After a couple more minutes, the officers and MPs dropped the rope and we were allowed to cross the street. I hurried back to our satellite truck, tape in hand, to edit the reactions of race fans to Street Sense's dramatic come-from-behind victory.

Rick Leventhal has been a New York-based correspondent with the FOX News Channel since June 1997. You can read his bio here.