It has been over a week since Alexandria Winship-Wright went missing from her Fort Fairfield home, but police and fish and wildlife wardens continue to search the frigid waters of the Aroostook River for the 3-year-old girl.

The girl's mother reported that she went to use the bathroom on April 25 and returned to discover the sliding glass doors of her home open with no sign of Alexandria. Her family had moved to the home two days before.

Over 100 people have taken part in the search for the girl, including divers, boaters and members of North Star Search and Rescue, a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing capability and resources in saving lives. Temperatures of 32 degrees were reported in the river on the day Alexandria went missing. The river is located about 40 yards from the apartment the girl lived in.

While the river is the focal point of the search, police have not dismissed the possibility that the Alexandria may have been abducted.

"We have not ruled it out," said Fort Fairfield Patrol Detective Stan Nicholson, who added that a woman reported seeing the child in Indiana, but it was later found to be a similar-looking girl.

So far, the only traces of Alexandria were two of her boots that were found in the river last week; one on April 25 shortly after she went missing and another about three to four hours later, Nicholson said. Still, authorities have not given up.

"The search will continue through this week," Nicholson said.