Report: Two New York Medics Resign After 'EMTs Gone Wild' Video Found

Two New York City Fire Department medics have quit after the discovery of a lewd video they produced that featured a naked prostitute and drunk homeless man, the New York Post reports.

Emergency medical technicians David Campbell, 39, and Kevin Edell, 40, submitted their resignations last week after the FDNY learned the pair had "videotaped their patients while on duty" for the EMS Battalion 43 based in a garage near Coney Island Hospital in Brooklyn, N.Y.

The raucous 50-minute video features — among other exploits — a prostitute baring her breasts and a medic tapping a drunk homeless person on the shoulder until the man tips over, the Post reports.

The tape was made several years ago, but surfaced when it was anonymously sent to FDNY officials, including Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta.

"You've got to be a dumb ass to do something like this," one EMT told the Post. "They violated the public trust and humiliated the people who rely on us to protect and serve them. It's absolutely awful."

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