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Question 1: On Monday, why did California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger authorize free transit on ferries, buses and the rail system that would take commuters across the San Francisco Bay?

A. The Terminator was looking for votes in the upcoming election
B. Mother Nature dumped 10 feet of snow in the region, and safety was his concern
C. To avoid a gridlock after a heavily trafficked section of a freeway collapsed
D. A terror threat alert was issued for the San Francisco Bay Bridge

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Question 2: On Monday, the head of the British army said that he has personally decided Prince Harry will go to Iraq and urged the media to stop speculating about the prince's deployment. What is Harry's rank?

A. Cornet
B. Captain
C. First Lieutenant
D. Second Lieutenant

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Question 3: On Monday, an emotional New Jersey Gov. Jon S. Corzine was discharged from a hospital, just 18 days after sustaining critical injuries during a car crash. Why did Corzine say he set a "very poor example for a lot of young people?"

A. Because he was driving with an expired license and no registration
B. Because he wasn't wearing a seat belt, a violation of state law
C. Because his blood alcohol level was over the legal limit
D. Because he was driving alone in the high-occupancy vehicle lane

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Question 4: Why did three New York assemblymen recently sponsor a bill to stop football's Giants and Jets and soccer's Red Bulls from using the Empire State's name or abbreviation?

A. Because they have a losing record, and are a disappointment to New York
B. Because they don't play their home games in New York
C. It's payback against the Red Bulls, who caused a firestorm last year with a name change from the former MetroStars
D. Because one of the assemblymen is high school rivals with Jets coach Eric Mangini

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Question 5: On Monday, why did the Food and Drug Administration warn consumers about the dangers of buying prescription drugs online?

A. Counterfeit medications are being sold
B. "Rogue sites" are selling unapproved products
C. The sites don't provide a street address and phone number
D. The sites claim to advertise "miracle cures"

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Question 6: On Tuesday, the American Lung Association released its 2007 "State of the Air" report, which includes good news and bad news about America's air quality. Year-round, what metropolitan area(s) has the cleanest air and sootiest air, respectively?

A. Honolulu, Hawaii; Bakersfield, Calif.
B. Cheyenne, Wyo.; Los Angeles, Calif.
C. Colorado Springs, Colo.; New York-Newark, N.Y.-N.J.
D. Albuquerque, N.M.; Chicago, Ill.

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Question 7: On Tuesday, thousands of illegal immigrants took to the nation's streets, carrying American flags and signs, all in a bid to do what?

A. Protest a ban on trans fats at Taco Bell and KFC
B. Demand a path to citizenship from Congress
C. Show off their red, white and blue garb
D. Cause traffic jams and disruptions to mass transit and businesses

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Question 8: According to research released Wednesday, the typical mother puts in a 92-hour work week, working 40 hours at base pay and 52 hours overtime. How much would the typical stay-at-home mother in the United States earn per year for her work as a housekeeper, cook and psychologist among other roles?

A. Minimum wage: $7.15 / hour
B. Approximately $85,876 a year
C. Approximately $138,095 a year
D. Nothing, it's a priceless job

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Question 9: In August 2004, former New Jersey Gov. James E. McGreevey shocked the nation after admitting he was gay and had cheated on his wife with a male aide. Now, why is McGreevey making headlines again?

A. He announced his engagement to his lover
B. He wants to remarry his ex-wife, Dina
C. He's pondering priesthood
D. He announced his new campaign for governor

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Question 10: On Thursday, the Department of Homeland Security confirmed that the Secret Service assigned a security detail to Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama. What was the reason?

A. To protect him from his competitor, Hillary
B. To protect him from Don Imus' next rant
C. Because he wanted to be the first presidential candidate to receive full protection
D. No reason was given

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BONUS Question: Alicia Silverstone says to stop being "clueless" and save the world with her eco-friendly tips! What product does she say she has not purchased in over seven years?

A. Plastic silverware
B. Any form of meat
C. Paper
D. Gasoline

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