Coming Up on FOX News Sunday: Chris Dodd on Choosing the President

May 6, 2007

Our guests this week include:

Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT), 2008 Presidential Candidate
Representative John Boehner (R-OH), House Minority Leader
Richard Land, President of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission

The 2008 Race: FOX News Sunday continues our “Choosing the President” series with Democratic presidential hopeful, Senator Chris Dodd.

In the wake of President Bush’s veto of the Democratic plan to withdraw troops from Iraq, will the two sides come together on a compromise that funds the troops and ratchets up the pressure on the Iraqi government? An advocate for bringing the troops home and an immediate end to the war, does Dodd think Democrats are backing down under White House pressure? We will discuss the latest from the war in Iraq, Dodd’s standing in the 2008 race and his domestic agenda with the five-term Connecticut senator.

Then, Congressional leaders are now promising to have a new Iraq funding bill on the president's desk by Memorial Day, but will Democrats and Republicans be able to agree on legislation given their major differences on the war? And, with an increasing number of House and Senate Republicans joining Democratic calls for the U.S. to get tough with the Iraqis by setting a series of benchmarks for the Maliki government, can GOP leaders hold their caucus together? House Minority Leader John Boehner will give his take on the Iraq debate and on the state of the 110th Congress in an exclusive interview.

Our panel will then discuss the winners and losers from this week’s Republican presidential debate. Our FNS Power Panel joins us for an always lively discussion:

Brit Hume of FOX News,
Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard,
Juan Williams of National Public Radio,
• and Mara Liasson of National Public Radio.

Plus, our power player of the week is making sure the voices of more then 16 million "values voters" will be heard during the 2008 Presidential election. Richard Land, the President of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, offers his surprisingly harsh critique of the Republican frontrunners — you won’t want to miss it.

So check your local listings and we'll see you on the next FOX News Sunday,
Chris Wallace