Shame on You George Tenet

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Ah, to sell books we will do almost anything … even blame others for your own lack of leadership and ethics.

In truth, I have sold two books. I understand that when you write you get paid and are bound to participate in what it takes to sell your book. However, no one tells you what to say; they may tell you how to sell the book, but it's all your own words. So when George "it ain’t my fault" Tenet came out of the secret closet to sell his new book — for which he got $4 million, firing his verbal guns at his former bosses — we all paid attention.

Mr. Tenet has traded his integrity for access into the Oval Office. His official title was Bill Clinton’s Director of Central Intelligence (DCI). Basically, he was the senior intelligence boss of all 22 intelligence agencies. This is a fact that should scare us — the number of agencies that is.

Then, at the end of Clinton’s presidency, Tenet was asked by Bush to be his DCI — which was certainly no easy feat. Such a switch would have required some serious ass kissing to accomplish.

So, when Tenet got the job that he so vigorously "lobbied" for, 9/11 happens and he stays on as the head honcho. Then, despite what he claimed was a "slam dunk" case of WMD in Iraq, 1500 experts couldn’t find tons, or much of anything that even remotely looked like WMD … that Tenet himself said was there.

In 2004, Tenet resigns and later gets his hands on the Medal of Freedom and a $4 million book deal. Nice pay there Mr. Director of National Intelligence; oh shame, thy name is Tenet.

However, there is plenty of shame to go around here. In April alone, we have just lost 104 soldiers and Marines in Iraq. This is the third month in a row that we have lost more than 80 of our sons and daughters in a war that this administration has got wrong from Jump Street.

I mention this tragic fact in the context of intelligence failures that no one wants to take responsibility for. When you make mistakes and get it as wrong as this government and this former CIA director and administration did, the only people who pay are soldiers. I only wish that Tenet and the others in this administration understand and do something about it besides write books.


Colonel David Hunt, U.S. Army (Ret.), is a FOX News military analyst and the author of the New York Times bestseller They Just Don’t Get It. He has extensive operational experience in counterterrorism, special operations, and intelligence operations. He has trained the FBI and Special Forces in counterterrorism tactics, served as the security adviser to six different Olympic Games, testified as an expert at many major terrorist trials, and lectured at the CIA, the FBI, and the National Security Agency. You can read his complete bio here.