Rain, With a Chance of Global Warming

"Sally, I heard Al Gore say there's a chance of global warming today."
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Here's what FOX Fans are writing!

"Hillary Clinton's decision to include Dallas-Fort Worth on her campaign trail has drawn little support from Texas locals, as seen here by the only two Lone Stars coming out to hear her speak." — moffitt

"If the Democrats get the White House, you better get used to this." — kim93611

"Democratic weather report: Grey skies with a chance for tornadoes hurricanes, tsunamis. Republican weather report: It is going to rain but LETS STAY THE COURSE! " — Larry

"Woodstock isn't over, until I say it's over." — Mazelbrooks

"Dad, I think the grass is greener on the other side" — schuldheiss

"$20 million government study suggests grass MAY grow slower on cloudy days"." — chainlubebydave

"Sorry sweetheart, I wish I chose the fixed rate mortgage." — rrcathy

"There are always so few fans at these cricket games." — pam

"I should have put more in that rainy day fund" — Ari

"Got Umbrella? " — frontdesk

"When will Mommy be home to let us back in the house and find your key"?" — bret

"Mary Poppins should be landing any minute now" — rodel

"No matter what weather, sharing your company is the ultimate pleasure." — cindy

"Daddy, can we see Harry Reid's white flag from here?" — ulysses

"The invitation said Wednesday, right?" — timothy

"Daddy, when is Mr. Gore coming back with our motor home?" — john

"How big of a lawn mower should we buy daddy?" — brian

"Daddy, I don't wanna be a storm chaser. I'd rather go to Disneyland!" — becky

"I want my daughter to see this game even if it's up here beyond the cheap seats!" — brad

“Daddy you said I was going to see a tiger!!” — mike

"Daddy, could you please tell me what Foreclosure means?" — usilva

"Daddy, isn't that Hannah Montana's daddy dancing on the sidewalk?" — scott

"Daddy, you said the Weather Man is ALWAYS right!" — paul

"Gee, Daddy, what's that man building down there? That's an ark, sweetie. Boy, I'm glad we're on high ground !" — maryellen

"Honey, if you squint you can almost see the cheap seats from here." — al

"Tell me again how high I am suppose to wave this when the first lawnmower crosses the finish line?" — dolly

"See, I told you there was'nt any one on the Grassy knoll." — gary

"Daddy, are you sure the aliens can't see us under these things?" — zada

"Thanks for bringing me here Daddy. I just want to be the first to see the rainbow." — mark

"Because of all the beer thrown at Jeff Gordon's car last week, these two NASCAR fans came prepared." — david

"Will these umbrellas really protect us if it rains cat and dogs daddy?" — david

"Even a rainy day is good when it's spent with a loved one." — nicole

"Sweetie, please?! This little umbrella will cover you. Really. Please switch with me." — daced

"Is this really the Valley of the Sun?" — jpmidstate

"Even if it rains we're in the perfect spot to see the tee off." — susan

"Pair of lawn chairs: $40. Two umbrellas: $15. Sitting and answering her hundreds of questions: Priceless." — katieg

"Daddy, Are you sure you can really see the grass growing?" — rathan

"Sooo, it looks like Tiger decided to skip this tournament." — peter

"All I have to say is that Elmo had better be in this parade." — juliem

"Global warming ... hold your umbrella up high, Honey. Next the sky will be falling!" — jwilliams

"Parents are needed to help weather the storm." — ralms

"Nascar. It's for everyone." — jwk

"That's right, Sally. It never rains when you bring your umbrella." — sbochner

"Believing people will pray for rain. Believing people WITH FAITH will carry umbrellas." — ksk089

"Her future's so bright ... I gotta make shade." — jblanchette

"Darn Son, I thought they built a race track here..." — sutherland

"The president and vice president of the Hillary Clinton Fan Club." — davidl

"Come, and they will build it!" — craig

"Are we havin' fun yet Daddy?" — dnarducci

"It will take more than a little rain to spoil father/daughter bonding time." — alanh

"Daddy, don't you think it's a little early for me to be in line for the next American Idol auditions?" — garyv

"Dad, maybe you should have asked for directions." — kmaree

"Daddy, I thought we were going to see a real tiger." — sgonas

"She is her father's daughter (holding the checkered past); he holds his daughter's future (bright and yellow)." — kanz

"It doesn't look like much now, but when you're all grown up, you can build a beach house here" — lbarnes

"Daddy, how much do tickets cost to go inside the stadium and watch the game?" — rpollard

"Into each life, a little rain must fall." — kc_brown

"Honey, I think your mom forgot to pick us up." — tami

"Baby, some rain must fall. Baby, some wind must blow. But wherever Al Gore leads us, we will not go." — jwinn

"Ok, Dad, tell me again how great Tiger is and why we're here a week early!" — mfreavey

"Daddy, how could we have lost everything because of a Bush?" — smoran

"Dumb and dumber." — billye

"Yes, sweetheart, you're right. This is as exciting as watching Congress argue over the Iraq War Spending Bill." — gjturley

"Don't worry, honey. The ark should be coming any time now." — aron

"Grandpa, do you think it's raining in Iraq?" — plandis

"Britney Spears' recent appearance drew record numbers." — rsandova

"Well, Nancy Pelosi said pigs would fly before she would compromise with President Bush...better be prepared " — bdau78

"I can't believe we forgot the fishing poles — again!" — larry

"Sweetie, this is kinda like it's going to feel in 2008 if Hillary gets elected." — gary

"Keep your fingers crossed, honey. If mommy makes this putt, you can go to college." — scala

"Hey daddy, are we on high enough ground? They say the ocean is rising." — jeffs

"Dad why aren't we flying like Mary Poppins, I think you put this together wrong." — jason

"Spectators shield themselves from the angry spittle at the annual 'Alec Baldwin Daddy & Daughter Day'." — timstreet

"If you think this is fun, Jenny, tomorrow we're going watch some paint dry!" — dloomis

"It was a good turnout for John Edwards' campaign stop today..." — david

"Like father, no sun." — rick

"The princess always gets the bigger umbrella." — sherie

"So much for umbrellapalooza!" — rpk

"Samantha, this here is what we used to call a good old American Family Farm, a beautiful way of life." — stephen

"Must be a slow news day if FOX News is taking our picture!" — vikingpc

"I'm wondering how long it takes for those gas pills to work so I can join the rest of the group?" — sheree

"Honey, we have to wait for the cows to come home." — kay

"I guess no one else heard about the Sanjaya concert today." — michael

"Dad...couldn't we just Fandango tickets for Spiderman 3 instead of waiting in line?" — annie

"I can't wait until the rainbow comes out." — hannah

"Daddy, are you sure we will get the first tickets for the next Harry Potter movie?" — dacula