Why Prince Harry Shouldn't Go to Iraq

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Prince Harry shouldn't go to Iraq. Not because he's a royal and they need to be treated more tenderly than other young soldiers, but because it is simply adding another layer of needless risk to a bunch of other anonymous Brit soldiers who will be targeted because the third in line to the throne is somewhere in their midst.

Al Qaeda has already said so, and other bloodthirsty organizations have as well. "We're going after Harry."

What they've also said is that they were figuring out how to assemble what would amount to the bunker buster of terror. Some kind of attack or bomb or strategy that would cut through the rings of Brits who will surround Harry to get to Harry. So for the length of his deployment in Iraq, Brits over there will be subjected to attacks they might not otherwise.

I'm sure we'd all get on the Brits big time if Harry didn't go, but there might well be a sigh of relief among his fellow soldiers who are facing dangers enough in their mission without taking a royal along.

I know the Brits are scaling down their Iraq efforts. But think how much worse it would be if a squad of Brit soldiers is dead because the suicide truck bomber was hoping to break through to get to the prince.

Another way to put it is imagine George W. Bush had a son who was in the military and was sent to Iraq. Can you imagine the terror types would do literally anything to get to him? Of course they would.

I have great respect for the soldiers who have gone to Iraq to help in what has become an evident mess. I don't think they need to have their job made more difficult or more deadly by the presence of a famous face that would have enormous P.R. value for the insurgents, sectarians, militant terrorists, whatever.

Harry should stay home even if it ticks him off and makes him feel less like one of the boys.

That's My Word.

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