Ultimate Insider: George Tenet Speaks

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I could not believe the number of fans who came by our show today and, on behalf of Gretchen and Steve, we are honored and thrilled you did. Hope to see many more as the summer for many is finally here.

As for our show, it was wall-to-wall George Tenet and I could not be happier. I find his entire tenure intriguing because he knew how the Clinton administration operated and knew the inner workings of the Bush administration and is finally giving his side of the story. Anyone who watched him testify as CIA director knew he would come across convincing and passionate and he did that with "60 Minutes." We also managed to look at previews of Carl Bernstein’s book on Hillary and Britney’s bash of her ex beau’s mom and dad. Hearing Tenet talk made me realize how important it is to get Usama bin Laden because for personal, political and security reasons. Remember it was eight years between WTC attacks last time — and it's only six now. To hear Tenet talk about his capability reminds us how much danger we are still in!

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• May 3, Wyckoff, NJ — Bennett Books

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Make sure you see us tomorrow because we’ll be watching you!


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