Hers Is a Name Too Hot for Personal E-Mail

Hers is a name so provocative, it sent out signals ... to the spam filter.

A New Zealand telecom company has apologized to a Nelson woman whose e-mail was blocked because her first name is Gay, the New Zealand Herald reports.

Gay Hamilton's inquiry to Telecom NZ about broadband service was rebuffed after the company's e-mail filter labeled her address "inappropriate for business-like communication."

Hamilton's name triggered the system eight times, prompting the terse reply.

"Our systems internally detect a number of words, including both the words 'gay' and 'heterosexual,' that could be deemed as inappropriate for use at work," Lenska Papich, public relations manager for Telecom's broadband and online division, told the Herald.

Papich told the paper the system was designed to reprimand employees of Telecom NZ, not clients.

Hamilton, who happens to be a lesbian, says she's shocked the company has gone to the trouble to label the word "gay" as offensive.

"If they do have to put content filters on ... then maybe they should ensure that it only gets genuinely abusive words," Hamilton said.

Heaven help Dick and Harry.

Leave No Footprint, Only Lunch Special

NEW YORK (AP) — You've heard of e-mail spam — now a New York City councilman wants to do something about menu spam, the unwanted menus and circulars that have a way of appearing on city doorsteps and under doors.

Simcha Felder has introduced legislation that would make it illegal to distribute menus, circulars and fliers to homes and apartment buildings that display a sign indicating promotional materials are unwanted.

Felder's bill calls for a fine of at least $50 for distributors that leave them anyway.

"This drives people out of their minds," said Felder, a Democrat who represents sections of Brooklyn. "You have no control over it. People are livid. If I'm responsible for the cleanliness of my property, I should also have the authority to decide whether I receive the junk or not. You shouldn't have to be responsible for cleaning up someone else's garbage."

Felder said the accumulation forces property owners to clean it up or risk getting a summons from the Department of Sanitation, such as the $100 ticket his mother received this year.

In This Jail You Get 1 Call Per Constituent

LUCKNOW, India (AP) — Six politicians awaiting trial on murder or abduction charges in lawless northern Uttar Pradesh state have been using "cell" phones to campaign for re-election from prison, police said Sunday.

The politicians call their supporters, who broadcast the speeches live to rallies from their mobile phones using a microphone hooked up to a public address system, police spokesman Surendra Srivastava said.

"It is not a hush-hush affair. The meetings are well-organized and at the stipulated time the leaders address their supporters using mobiles," Srivastava said.

Indian law only bans people from serving in public office if they have been convicted of an offense.

Among the imprisoned suspects campaigning by phone is independent candidate Mukhtar Ansari, who is accused of murdering a Hindu nationalist lawmaker, Srivastava said.

Others to use the tactic include Sujit Singh for the opposition Bhartiya Samaj Party — also arrested on murder charges — and Amarmani Tripathi, an independent candidate who is suspected of killing his girlfriend.

Saroj Singh, Ajai Singh and Satish Singh, all standing as independent candidates, are awaiting trial on abduction and murder charges, Srivastava said.

All six will be moved to prisons with equipment to jam mobile phone calls, said Mahesh Chand Sinha, a deputy inspector-general of state police.

The suspects and their lawyers could not be immediately reached for comment.

Inmates are not allowed to keep mobile phones.

"An inquiry has been ordered into how these politicians got access to mobile phones," Sinha told The Associated Press, adding that police were looking into allegations that prison guards had accepted bribes for the phones.

Uttar Pradesh is considered one of India's most lawless provinces. According to the independent poll monitoring group Uttar Pradesh Election Watch, at least 100 members of the outgoing legislature are facing criminal charges — 73 of them facing trial on murder and kidnapping charges.

Many of those are seeking re-election, said I. G. Dikshit who runs Uttar Pradesh Election Watch.

Staggered voting in elections for the state legislature began earlier this month and will be completed May 8. Results will be announced May 11.

We're Going Riding on a Freeway of Love in a Stolen Nissan Sentra

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Whenever Antonio Moreno wanted to see his girlfriend, police say, he'd jump in a car and drive right over.

But there was a problem. The 26 cars Moreno jumped into all belonged to someone else, according to authorities who arrested the 31-year-old near his Inglewood home on Wednesday. They said he was behind the wheel of a 1987 Toyota Camry when they found him.

Since January, police said, Moreno had been stealing Toyota Camrys and Nissan Sentras by using a simple device that starts Japanese cars of a certain age. Acting on a tip, members of a regional auto-theft task force took him into custody.

Some cars were stolen in Inglewood and abandoned in Santa Barbara, police said, while others were taken from Santa Barbara.

He was "stealing vehicles as transportation to pursue their relationship," according to a statement from Lt. Paul McCaffrey, a Santa Barbara Police Department spokesman.

He didn't have a driver's license or car of his own, police said.

Moreno was jailed in Los Angeles for investigation of auto theft and was to be transferred to Santa Barbara to face charges, police said. It wasn't immediately clear whether Moreno had an attorney.

His girlfriend, who was not arrested, told authorities she had been trying to dump him.

You're Looking for Bambi Acres

NEW OXFORD, Penn. (AP) — A pair of deer took a quick tour of a retirement home after one accidentally triggered an automatic door.

The animals were wandering near the home Wednesday when one stepped on a mat that triggered a clear sliding door, according to staff members and surveillance tapes.

"The joke afterward was that they were trying to get in because it was taco day," said Frank Buhrman, spokesman for Cross Keys Village/The Brethren Home Community.

The deer ran down a hallway where two staff members were waiting for an elevator. The shocked staffers went into a cafeteria service area and closed the door, Buhrman said.

One deer walked into the elevator, but left before the door could close and take it to another floor, Buhrman said.

The deer then split up. One made it to a loading dock area and escaped through another automatic door. The other jumped through a window, Buhrman said.

Their adventure took just over a minute, Buhrman said.

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