Friday Finals: What Alec Baldwin, Richard Gere and Sheryl Crow All Have in Common

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At the end of the week it's "The Big Story" Friday Finals, our best guess as to the winners and losers this week, and why. First the losers.

Alec Baldwin has to take the hit this week, as the fallout of his ill-advised voicemail to his daughter continued to roil his life. He did a sit-down with Rosie. She understands how a hothead can get in trouble mouthing off. But he didn't do so great.

Next is Richard Gere. How to tick off an entire country in one easy lesson. Way to go, Richard.

And the biggest loser is Sheryl Crow. She's waving a single sheet of toilet paper, and her friends are laughing.

Now it's time for the winners this week and why we picked them here on "The Big Story."

Democratic Sen. Mike Gravel, you were a hit. Don't think you're going to be president, but I certainly liked how you let the air out of some overstuffed shirts.

Rosie O'Donnell has to be a winner. She managed to bow out of "The View" looking as though it were her choice.

And the other big winner is Cam'ron, the rapper who said no snitchin' included not telling if a serial killer lived next door. The rapper figured out this didn't make him look so good, so he took it back. Hip-hop is in baby steps on this problem, but it's a start, baby.

And that is this week's winners and losers.

That's My Word.

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