Rosie: Did She Jump, Or Was She Pushed?

Today, Rosie O'Donnell mocked a cable news network when she revealed her "breaking news" — that she will not renew her contract on ABC to remain a host for "The View" next year.

The increasingly controversial comedian was often in the public eye this year, from her very publicized feud with Donald Trump, to her rowdy comments made against President Bush and his "involvement" in 9/11.

O'Donnell said her departure is due to an inability to reach a contract agreement with ABC. Co-host and co-show creator Barbara Walters said that Rosie's leaving was "not my doing, not my choice." READ MORE

FNC wants to know — why do YOU think Rosie O'Donnell is leaving "The View"? And who do you think should replace her? Please e-mail your response to, and check in later to see if your response has been posted!

Here's what some FOX Fans are saying:

"I think she was fired, but they will cover that up, probably to smooth things over. I hope she never returns to that show or any show. I have lost all respect for Barbara Walters and will not watch any of her so called shows again. I could care less who replaces her." — Marge

"I think Rosie was fired because she did not have a single intelligent thing to say. Nobody cared about her 'View. I think Don Imus should replace her." — Nick

"Her lack of moral direction and indiscriminant comments finally caused enough people to complain to ABC. Replacement? Drop the whole show; I haven't heard anything worthwhile out of that program ever." — Richard

"Who cares if she jumped or was pushed; just be happy she's gone and pray she won't resurface anywhere anytime soon. She is a mean-spirited person. My parents always told me if I didn't have something nice to say of a person I should just keep my mouth shut, If Rosie followed that advise we would never hear from her again." — L

"It was late in coming, but ABC apparently finally realized how obnoxious she is. She was pushed, and good riddance." — Anonymous

"Thank goodness! I believe she was pushed out! She is a travesty to all women. I chose not to watch 'The View' because of her." — Karen (Boone, NC)

"She was pushed out the door so as not to create a new 'Imus' situation. She has a potty mouth and is developing a negative image and the network did not want that on there back." — Paul (Glynco, GA)

"I don't care whether she jumped or was pushed, just thank God and Greyhound she is gone. What a pushy woman." — Betty

"I believe Rosie has been pushed out of 'The View' because of her rampant ignorance and loud, foolish mouth." — Jack (Friona, TX)

"Maybe they'll replace her with Alec Baldwin; he too is a hot-tempered man." — Jeffrey

"Her replacement should be Ann Coulter." — Bob

"I’d like to see Naomi Judd replace Rosie." — Sheila

"A good replacement is Ann Coulter." — Robyn

"Rosie's replacement should be Susan Sarandon." — Maria

"Rosie is insane, but entertaining … but I think I'd pick Joan Lunden for her replacement. Good Morning America hasn't been the same since she and Charlie Gibson left. I think a woman paying alimony to her husband would have an interesting point of view." — Stef

"Rosie is totally out of her element on 'The View.' Her classy co-hosts deserve better company. Her possible replacement could be Katie Couric — she'll probably be looking for a job soon." — RLS (Frazer, PA)

"She's leaving because she’s a crass pervasive abnormality, that contaminates the social structure of America and Barbara woke up." — John

"Rosie left 'The View' because she didn’t have the class it takes to be in the same building as Barbara Walters. Rosie embarrassed the show. I was embarrassed for them. No matter who says what or how much money was involved. In the end in all boils down to Rosie having no class." — Joe

"Wish I could say it was because ABC execs found her statements incredulous, incendiary and totally false, but probably she was let go because ratings have fallen over the last few months and when money talks, Rosie walks." — Eileen

"I think she was forced out and I say good riddance. I quit watching 'The View' when she came on last year and I am glad when she leaves because I will go back to watching it." — Betty

"There is no doubt that ABC fired her, but the media will cover it up as usual. Rosie got what she deserved. Any logical, moral company would never put her face on the air again." — Harvey (Houston, TX)

"I think she was asked to leave because of her loud mouth and even louder opinions. I stopped watching it because of her and will return to the show once she is off." — Carol (Oak Creek, WI)

" I think she's leaving because she knows she doesn't belong with the rest of the ladies." — Monica (Florida)

"I believe she's leaving because there is no reason for her to stay. ABC executives may have loved the buzz she brought to the show. Whether the coverage was positive or negative, Rosie was in the news far more than any other talk show hostess this year. However, would ABC really be willing to pay $10 million a year for it? Most likely not." — Julie (Washington)

"It's about time! She should have been gone long ago. Too bad it's just over a contract dispute, instead of why she should be leaving, her mouth and what comes out of it. Comedian or not, these 'Hollywood types' have gotten away with too much for too long!" — Dwayne (Michigan)

"Regardless of what you think of Rosie, she stirs things up and gets people thinking. I, for one, will miss her. She was the only reason I watched 'The View.'" — Jeanne

"For Rosie to announce this early that they couldn't meet an agreement tells me the ABC offer was intentionally so unacceptable that it was not even worth her trying to negotiate. Kudos to them." — Gerry (Marshall, CA)

"I believe she was pushed out. Her feud with Trump made Barbara look very bad." — Randy (Michigan)

"I feel Rosie is leaving because ABC got smart and listened to the majority of the people. It puts my faith back into America the Beautiful." — Beth (Lockport, IL)

"Rosie speaks the truth, she helps to bring forward the awareness of this country and never gave up on it. It's what women and all need to hear on a daily basis. I, for one, will no longer be a viewer of 'The View' just as I was prior to the Rosie days." — Marisa

"I may not have agreed with everything Rosie said, but she gave life to 'The View' and unless they can pull a rabbit out of a hat with another great host I probably won't be watching." — Pat (North Carolina)

"I quit watching the show because she was so overbearing. I feel she was pushed off the show and it was a great decision. She was destroying the credibility of the network." — SW

"I think the suits at ABC got tired of her tirades. They also got tired of all the phone calls and e-mails about Rosie's Catholic bashing, President Bush bashing and they were looking at possible advertisers leaving the show." — Donald (Erie, PA)

"Either she or the network knew she was at a dead-end. Rosie cannot build an audience because so few people can identify with her or her burnt out emotional condition. She just kept talking and was hung by her own tongue." — Dean (Minneapolis)

"Who cares as long as she is gone. Never been so sick of anyone in my life." — Eva

"When I hear her name I change channels. Please tell ABC to rid themselves of a Rosie for good." — Tom