What's the Wackiest Job You've Had or Heard Of?

Some reading this may be in their typical 9 to 5 job, with a paper cup of water-cooler-chilled-H20 next to them, counting down the hours, even minutes, until they can travel home and prepare to repeat the same routine the following day.

While some mull over the ticking clock, others are working far away from a computer screen. Those who get paid to milk a .... snake?

Yes, a snake. Throughout the world, people are embracing incredibly unique professions, from "milking" a snake's fangs to extract venom to cure snakebites, while others with a sweet tooth embrace a life of being a professional ice-cream taster.

Clayton Warholm, marketing director of fabjob.com, a site that offers guidance for people pursuing their dream careers, says, “There have always been some strange ways to make a living, but with the advent of TV and the Internet, we are seeing and learning more every day about ways to make money that would have years ago been considered ludicrous.” READ MORE

FNC wants to know — what's the wackiest job you've ever had, or heard about? Please e-mail your response to speakout@foxnews.com, and check in later to see if your response has been posted!

Here's What FOX Fans Are Saying:

"The wackiest job I heard of was a person hired to design clothing for circus animals." — Bryan (St. Louis, MI)

"The wackiest job I've ever heard of was a PROFESSIONAL PIG POOP SNIFFER. I saw it on a television show. There was this whole pond of nothing but pig poo where the 'professional' would use a row boat to row himself out to the middle of the pond and take samples of the poo. He would sniff it to see how bad it smelled and test to see how much methane was in it." — Jennifer (Bristol, TN)

"I was in direct competition with squirrels. I was hired by the U.S. Forest Service to pick unopened pinecones for their seeds. We would some days be 50 to 60 feet off the ground in the trees. The squirrels just hated us. The worst part was the pine pitch and the loud scolding from the squirrels." — Rhys

"I have seen on TV those people who work in the Philippines eagle conservation program, where a guy has to dress like a bird and act like a mate for the eagle. These eagles are monogamous so the eagle has to fall in love with the employee and the 'mate' has to touch the eagles' 'butt' to artificially inseminate the bird. Before this happens the 'mate' has to court the bird by flapping his fake wings and dancing around the bird to fool the bird into thinking that the employee cum mate is a real bird and is in a mating dance." — Maria