Your Grrrs: April 24, 2007

Here are some of your responses to Mike's last column:

Tuffy writes: While I share in your outrage, Mike, and agree that we need to take crimes against children more seriously, the unfortunate thing is our society doesn't see it that way. In a culture where abortion is seen as a woman's choice -- why not choose NOT to have sex? -- the fact of the matter is, we're saying, "life is not sacred", no matter what the age of the child. So until we begin to see all life as created in the image of our Maker, we won't see these criminals brought to justice (at least not in this life).

Amy G. writes: The thought process that went into the act of breaking into a locked building, then knowingly finding the most destructive chemical they could find to put onto equipment that is meant for small children is simply cold-blooded, premeditated EVIL. There should be no pity for any mental illness the perpetrator has, because they planned breaking into a building to
do something they knew was wrong. If the courts were truly just, they should be forced to lie in a pool of the chemicals for as long as it took for the child to get to the hospital (unfortunately, we all know this will never happen and the perp will probably get some jail time, but the only
thing they will be sorry for is that they got caught.)

Pat in Syracuse, N.Y., writes: My biggest GRRR about the whole Imus ordeal is how race-baiters Sharpton and Jackson were so quick to paint the entire country and the white race in particular as racists. Imus has never been a reflection of me or others around me any more than Mike Tyson or O.J. Simpson are reflections of the black race. I’m tired of hearing how celebrity behavior reflects on my character. If racism were to go away (or at least the manufactured kind that these guys whip up), Al and Jesse would be out of work.

Lawrence P. writes: It is more than high time the legal system in this country started punishing these criminals with the agony they so richly deserve. How often do we hear on the news a story just like this one only to hear the judge sentence the jerk with a slap on the wrist? How often do we hear of a judge sentencing a child molester to a very little time in jail? This must stop and now. The only way to stop it is for you, the media, to let the public know. Then the public must get off its dead butt and start protesting and picketing the “honorable” men and women of the bench in order to seek their removal. We are most definitely responsible for the continuation of this type of crime when we do not stand up and let our leaders know that we are not going to put up with it anymore.

Lisa C. writes: I read in an article on the site that two 16-year-olds have been found and are responsible for this act. I read your article and agree with you. I hope as someone in the media, you can do something to publicize these two teenagers' names and make their crime known. As the mother of a 22-month-old, I was horrified by this act. I don't know what I would do if someone did this to my son. These two knew what they were doing and intended to hurt a small child. Their names should be known and they should be publicly punished. If not, they and others will continue to do these types of things.

Melissa writes: Those two juvenile delinquents need to be taken to the hospital where this child is undergoing treatment. They need to see the damage they have caused and what this baby is going to have to endure. They should also be sentenced to work in a burn center as volunteers, so they can see that this is no laughing matter.

Steve A. writes: Mike, seems to me that Imus was fired because enough people were offended by his remarks to scare off the sponsors of his show and, eventually, his employers. It's just capitalism at work -- the American Way. Don can say what he wants, sure. But he doesn't have a right to that microphone. It belongs to CBS. Putting him on the air was a business decision. So was taking him off it.

Brian in Long Island: I have a 3-year-old daughter. If that had happened to her, you would be reading about me in the paper. Not the evil little bastards who broke into the school and poured the acid all over the playground.

Janice J. writes: I know the Virginia Tech shooting was absolutely horrible. But when I saw the article in the news about the 2-year-old being burned at playground, it upset me even more than the Virginia Tech story. If it’s kids that did this, they should be tried as adults!

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