Muzzle for Reid?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is under fire for his comment that the Iraq war is "lost," with Republicans saying that it sends the wrong message to U.S. troops fighting in Iraq.

Reid, D-Nev., said yesterday that the war is lost and President Bush's plan to send more troops there to respond to sectarian violence won't work: "I believe myself that the secretary of state, secretary of defense and — you have to make your own decisions as to what the president knows — (know) this war is lost and the surge is not accomplishing anything as indicated by the extreme violence in Iraq (Wednesday)," Reid said.

Bush will address Reid's comments in his speech today to defend his leadership in the war and to continue pushing Congress to send him a war-funding bill without a timetable. READ MORE

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Here's What FOX Fansare saying!

"Has Harry Reid ever done anything except bash Bush and the Republicans? I think all politicians, especially the Democrats, need to realize that we Americans are getting really tired of it. Stop listening to your horse holders who lurk around, waiting to get a pat on the head and get in touch with Americans. Start doing your job, or you will be out in the next election." — Pete (Florida)

"The war is not lost. We should get tougher and win this thing with greater force." — Glenn (San Diego, CA)

"Why doesn't Harry Reid just shut up? He's not in the military on the ground. We don't hear them saying 'the war is lost.' Benedict Arnold was executed because he was a traitor in the time of war. Why has American become so soft on traitors; they are even elected to Congress and paid a lot of money from our taxes. Harry Reid is a traitor to the American cause. The U.S.A. is the greatest nation in the world, Harry Reid better buy into that concept. We are not a flawed nation in need of Democrats in control." — David

"The only things 'lost' at this moment in time are Harry Reid's moral courage and backbone. His comments are a disgrace to all those who have sacrificed and are sacrificing their lives to help bring freedom and democracy to Iraq." — Jim (Los Osos, CA)

"As a staunch Bush supporter and a supporter of our troops, I want us to win the war and my head says we are. Unfortunately, in light of the fighting factions, I feel like we will end up leaving Iraq in worse shape than we found it." — Don (Albuquerque, NM)

"I keep hearing that the war is lost. The war was won when Saddam was removed from office and the Iraqi military was defeated. We are now dealing with thugs that want nothing more than to rule an entire country through fear." — Jerry (Jacksonville, FL)

"I believe that Senator Reid tried to destroy all morale and instill losing into our troops, and even has given the enemy help. Isn't this a definition of a traitor?" — Bob (New York)

"As long as we have defeatists and people whose private political agenda is at odds with the greater good of the U.S.A., then we are in trouble. I personally think Senator Reid needs to resign as he does not represent the will nor the spirit of the American people with these remarks. They reek of sedition if not treason." — John

"Yes. I think it is pretty accurate to say the war is lost. Nobody wants the job of running it, the troops are having their tours extended, and we have a leader that just keeps spouting the same clichés. Let's just remain clear on who lost the war. Not the troops or Congress. It was our traitorous neocons and their 'war on the cheap' philosophy. I always believed you get what you pay for. We got exactly what we paid for. We also got exactly what we voted for." — Bruce

"My son was in Iraq for a year and was almost killed on several occasions. If we quit now and throw our hands up, we might as well dissolve our military, because they are not allowed to do their job effectively. What if the legislators had said that during World War II? They would have been tried for treason or giving comfort to the enemy." — Judy

"The war is not lost! It's a good thing Harry Reid isn't a foot ball coach … if his team was seven points behind at half time he'd give up! This is a period in our history we don't need leaders with a defeatist attitude. Muzzle this guy!" — E.D.

"Since there doesn't appear to be any criteria to actually describe what things would be like in Iraq if the war was 'won,' and since we seem to just be putting off the inevitable — actually leaving the Iraqis to solve their problems in their own way — then, yes, the war is LOST." — Janis (Pittsburgh, PA)

"The war is not lost, but the leadership that Congress is doing can to sabotage the war. I don't understand how our leaders want the war to be lost and for Iraq to be left to the most radical elements of their society, including forces from the surrounding countries. We need leaders who will do the right thing, not just what serves their own political future." — Lynn

"No, the war is not lost and this guy should be fired or penalized for saying such a thing. It ranks up there with treason in my book." — Kyle (Jackson, WI)

"Senator Reid is dead wrong and should resign. Is this the best the Democrats have to offer? God help America." — Bob

"I do not think that the war is lost. I think people like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the rest need to take a look at things in a different light." — Vicki

"Soldiers go to battle, because in their mind they can see a victory. This is called faith. If the American people cannot support our troops in this matter with the same faith or resilience of mind, the war will be lost. So if the war is lost it will be lost in the minds of those that have not the mindset to win. People who do not what to pay the cost will never have a victory. Our country and its people are at ease and sacrifice comes hard for them. It is a shame that our soldiers may suffer defeat because the American people have not the heart or the courage for victory." — Glenn

"Harry Reid, should apologize for what he said. His remarks about "the war in Iraq is lost" only fuels our enemies' will to continue the frequent murders and sends the wrong message to the American people and to the Iraqi people. We need to stay until Iraq can govern, sustain, and protect herself under a representative-democratic style government." — Tim (Taylorville, IL)

"Yes the war is lost — Bush and Cheney are the only ones who think victory is possible." — Norma