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Behaving Badly

As you know, we like to do family segments on my show. Right now we are working on a segment and we need your help!

We want you to send us your stories about times when your children have misbehaved, whether they stayed out past curfew, talked back, broke the house rules, or were just plain naughty — we want to know what happened, and how you handled it.

Please send your stories to

Family Friendly Entertainment for April 20- April 22

If you’re planning on heading to the movies, the rental store or just hanging out on the couch with your kids this weekend, you will want to check out this family friendly entertainment for April 20 - April 22 from our friends at Common Sense Media.

New In Theaters
In the Land of Women (Warner Bros.) PG-13

New on Home Video
Freedom Writers (Paramount) PG-13

New on TV
Hanna Montana Season 2 TV-G
Disney Channel

For more details on these and many more family friendly entertainment options, you can log onto my website at and click on the 'Family Friendly Entertainment' category.

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