Devastation at Virginia Tech

On Monday morning, U.S. history was forever changed, when a 23-year-old student committed the deadliest shooting on American soil.

On the Virginia Tech college campus, 33 students were shot dead by Cho Seung-Hui, a South Korean native, studying English with a student visa. Police in Blacksburg, Va. have concluded that Seung-Hui was responsible for the two shootings on campus; first in a college dorm, and then in classrooms nearly two hours later. After the massacre ended, the gunman took his own life.

President Bush said the "nation is shocked and saddened" by the shootings, and the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives both held a moment of silence. READ MORE

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"I'm am an extremely proud Hokie alum (2003). On the morning after this unbelievable tragedy that has inundated the campus, and the town that so many people across this world love, I sit at my desk some 200 miles away, feeling extreme sadness, sorrow, and helplessness. I also feel much closer to the Tech community than ever. Seeing the images I did on TV, I wanted nothing more than to get in my car, and drive to Blacksburg, just to be with those in need in a town I love. My heart aches as it did on September 11, 2001, and I think of how the VT community banded together then. Standing on the drill field with thousands of other Hokies, holding hands in silent prayers while the tears fell, I felt that sense I was at home, even 300 miles away from my family. As I watched the events unfold yesterday, I cried for a community that has given so much to me and that I am so tremendously proud to be a part of. Hindsight is 20/20, and we should all wait until the truth is known about the day's events before we pass judgment on how the situation was handled. While I can only image what those students, faculty members, and families are feeling, I pray that if anything good comes out of this tragedy, that it would be the strength of the Hokie community. I know that while this is one of the darkest moments in our history, it is certainly not our defining moment. As one of my proudest VT friends said, 'Let the country see how close we are … and how much love we have for each other.'" — E.B (Virginia, '03 Hokie alum)

"My wife and I are VT graduates, and we now live in Tokyo, Japan. We woke up this morning to the horror of the massacre. Blacksburg was a haven from the outside world, the very last place in the world where something like this could happen. We used to leave our doors unlocked all the time. Reading the news this morning here in Tokyo, we are completely undone by the realization that our Virginia Tech, the wonderful place of growth, peace and family values is the victim of this heinous massacre. To see the places of our wonderful memories now portrayed as scenes of death and carnage on the Internet is a terrible shock. Amber Johnson, the dorm where first killings occurred was where I led a bible study for two years. Our hearts are broken for the victims and their families, the students and faculty whose peaceful world suddenly has become a living hell. How terrible, to all those whose labors of love in parenting, creating a safe town and school to now see all their world come crashing down. We pray for the victims and their families." — Mark (Tokyo)

"My husband and I are both Hokie alumni. Our prayers go out to the family's students and faculty of Tech. May God comfort all. We know more recent former students and present students who attend and the whole Hokie world grieves as one, lives taken, hearts broken, a great college's rep sullied. Once a Hokie, forever a Hokie." — Dana (Hollywood, MD)

"As an alumni of Virginia Tech, currently residing in South Florida, I would like to thank you for the expansive coverage of today's tragedy. As a Hokie, I take this tragedy to heart and am deeply saddened. Thank you Fox News for helping me to stay connected and informed about an event that has hit very close to home." — Jennifer

"As alumni of Virginia Tech, it saddens me to see such atrocities occurring at my alma mater. Virginia Tech is a great university with a small town atmosphere and it is hard to see the places that live in my heart in this light. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. As is common in events like this, the gun advocates are coming out of the woodwork claiming that if everyone could carry a gun on campus this tragedy could have been averted. When are they going to realize that it is the ease with which the average American can get a weapon that contributes to these types of tragedies. Allowing students and faculty to carry guns would simply lead to more incidents like the one we have seen today. " — Troy

"My husband and I are both alumni of Virginia Tech ('97 and '99) and we are horrified and saddened to hear what happened to the people of the University and the community we so deeply love. We share our condolences, prayers and concern with all those touched by these events. We were both members of the Corps of Cadets, the University's largest student organization, and know with all certainty that the character of the people of the Corps, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg and the surrounding communities will hold up under this enormous tragedy and they will all pull together to help one another get through this. We want them all to know that though we are thousands of miles away, we are with them in spirit." — Meredith and Troy (Monterey, CA — Virginia Tech '97 and '99)

"As a VT alumni and Hokie forever, I am truly saddened by this/these horrible acts. Virginia Tech is a wonderful campus and was victim to an unfortunate and devastating incident. Let us focus on what is important…to pull together as Hokies, Americans, and humans and have sympathy for the loss of such young and talented lives." — Cassie (Washington, DC)

"I am a 1994 graduate of Virginia Tech. I am so incredibly saddened by these events. I have the fondest memories of my years at Virginia Tech. The school has the most incredibly and almost indescribably beautiful campus, nestled between mountains, an idyllic college experience. The thought of students leaping from windows and running scared across the vast drill field breaks my heart. I am left almost speechless. To the families and friends of those students and professors lost and injured, and to the student population as a whole, I send my heart-felt condolences. Please know that you are not alone in your grief." — Aimee (Virginia Tech '94)

"As 1982 VT alums, my wife I are both in shock over this tragedy. Our condolences and prayers go out to all of the families of the dead and wounded. This could have happened anywhere at anytime...a sad, but true, testimony of our society. What is the world coming to?" — Anonymous

"I am so sorry this happened, and I send my condolences and my prayers to all the families who lost children in this tragic shooting. God is watching over all of you, and your children are now safe in God's arms." — Mitch (Belmar, NJ)

"I am so sorry for all that got killed and injured. It is really a shame that things like this has to happen, especially to our young people who want to learn. This is tough for all who were at the campus and their family and should not be taken lightly." — Linda

"Our hearts and our prayers go out to all the families who have suffered losses due to this horrific tragedy." — Kelly (Centennial, CO)

"My sympathy goes out to everyone involved. So sad." — Dallas

"My family is praying for all of those that have lost loved ones in this terrible massacre, as well as those who've been injured. I cannot imagine what horror these poor people must have faced. My husband and I have two girls, 14 and 11. Again, my condolences. Keep in mind that God is with all of you." — Robin

"My deepest sympathy goes out to the families and victims. As I viewed the unfolding events, I feared the worst as I have two nephews at VT in engineering. But my thoughts and prayers went out for the thousands of students and tens of thousands of families and friends of VT students, in addition to the faculty and staff at VT. But today, I am more deeply bothered by public out cries of blame. Human nature always wants to blame someone else." — Mark (19'77, BS AnSc)

"We learned through prohibition that banning something won't stop the crime. As such, we need to pull our heads out of the sand and realize the 2nd Amendment stands for personal and not just national protection. We need a national concealed carry weapons law now!" — Roger (Kaysville, UT)

"To every family and every individual person that this act of terror, this indescribable tragedy has touched, please know that decent people, around this country and around the world, will be praying for you and the loved ones you have lost. God bless each and every one of you and I hope, with the strength and grace of faith in God, you all find peace one day." — Lance

"My prayers go out to the entire Virginia Tech family. I am a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin, and when I heard about this tragedy; the shock and fear seemed very real. With Texas also being a very large campus that has also been vulnerable to a shooting massacre in the past, many students feel apprehensive about our own campus security today. With 50,000 students and an additional thousands of faculty and staff, the only way our campus notifies the entire student body is also by email. Obviously that strategy isn't completely effective, so how would our campus respond in a similar situation? On a different note, our student body is organizing a massive candlelight vigil next Monday night. I hope everyone at Virginia Tech knows that the University of Texas community sends all its condolences and prayers." — Natalie (Austin, TX)

"My husband and I are alumni of Virginia Tech. We are deeply saddened by the murders on campus today." — Carolyn

"I am a mother of a freshman Virginia Tech student and have different view on how the University handled this incident. This was a very stressful morning for me and a lot of families that have students and loved one at Tech. It took forever to get through to my son because of the overload of calls. My son was one of the lucky ones that was safe. I believe that a lockdown should have taken place after the first shooting. E-mails are a great way of communication but most students do not read email first thing in the morning. I feel that the school probably thought the classroom was a safe haven for the students and that is why they chose to proceed in the way they did. In a situation like this it is hard to determine what is right and what went wrong. Right now I feel everyone's energy should be focused on the families of the deceased." — Terri

"First, my prayers, along with millions of others, go out to the families of the victims, both killed and wounded. This travesty unfairly stopped the lives of innocent people who only sought to learn and grown in life. God is always there, even in this most terrible time; only He can provide the healing and comfort so now needed." — Allen (Barboursville, VA)

"My husband and I are both graduates of Virginia Tech, and our son is a freshman there this year. This past weekend we attended a reunion at the school where we visited with many old friends in a place that has remained special to us some 28 years after graduation. It was especially poignant because many of our friends now have children attending Virginia Tech as well, and we were proud to walk the campus with this next generation of smart, poised, caring individuals. The students and alumni at Virginia Tech are very proud of their school, its strong academics, and its sports. Virginia Tech is the kind of school that, once you graduate, you return time and time again to revisit the campus and community. It is a great university. This past weekend at our reunion we were reminded why we love this school so much and today are hearts ache as never before. The monumental loss of life is so devastating, so unbelievable, so unpredictable, that it rattles our senses. If it can happen at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va., it can happen anywhere and at anytime. Our son is safe and we are blessed with that knowledge. Next year our daughter begins the college application process. Nothing will make us happier than if she, too, becomes the next one in our family to become a Virginia Tech Hokie." — Kris (Class of 1979)

"I'm a 19-year-old college freshman, and I walked into our Student Union today to find at least 100 kids standing silent around the television, many in tears. None of us can comprehend why these shootings are happening and what has gotten into people's minds in this country. It's also terrifying because those kids were just like us. I hate living with the fear in the back of my head that someone could come onto our campus and harm us, and there's nothing we could do about it. That's the worst feeling in the world." — Nicolette (Pennsylvania)

"First and foremost, my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and families of this absolutely horrendous and senseless act of violence. May God comfort the grieving families and friends of all the innocent victims whose lives were taken so quickly from them today by a madman. As the mother of a college sophomore, my heart aches deeply for all involved in this brutal killing spree. I reach out to all of you in love and sympathy and I pray for God to somehow ease your unfathomable pain. I mourn alongside all of you in your extremely great time of loss." — Susan (Burns, TN)

"Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims of this heinous act. However, we need to act rationally in the wake of what is sure to be the wave of supercilious 'action' proposed by lawmakers at various levels. What is one common thread between all these shootings? The fact that guns are prohibited near schools of any type emboldens these thugs." — Tom (York, PA)

"I am an alumni and former 10 year-post grad resident of Blacksburg. I am deeply hurt by this event and am finding that it is affecting me more deeply than even 9/11. I am appalled by this event and send out my deepest sympathy." — Jill